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Flex 3.2 setup-console failed

Level 4

Hello, i'm trying to configure a 5350Flex HA with two nodes and four shelves. I've re-imagined the two nodes from FlexOS3.0 to 3.2 and now i'm starting the initial configuration on the first node. All is up&running, shelves connected and sas cable connected as explained in the connection scheme. Shelves are numbered 0,2,3,4 and all leds are green (both nodes and shelves).

After changing the password for the sysadmin and hostadmin user, after set-date and configure-network of node1 (all successfully completed) i get an error on setup configure-console command. The error is:

"Failed to create RAID"

Any hint about this? The error is shown after inserting console IP and hostname, and the confirmation of CallHome activation.

Thank you!


Level 1


Please let me know in case your issue is resolved. If not please share /var/log/ansible/console.log file or data-collect advance with mask=off log files.

In general, if create RAID fail error showing while initial configuration is running.

Possible two options.

1. Either the Flex appliance might be in locked down mode? if so clear the lock-down mode (YOU WILL LOST all the data)

2. Some disk might be in FAILED or LEFTOver state and that might be causing initial configuration failure.


Syed Sadat Ali