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Flex Appliance 5250 and EMC Data Domain integration via OST

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Can we integrate a media server instance (on a Flex Appliance) via OST Plugin to an Data Domain?  In the EMC web page exist the respective OST plugin for NBU, but we don't know if is compatible with Flex architecture.

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You need to log a support case to Veritas to obtain the OST plug-in. It's being repackaged by Veritas to be installed in media server instances.

Hello, thanks for this answer, we are resuming this topic and this information is very useful, who should define the OST version? Veritas or DELL? Thank you!

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I'm adding this post for anyone searching for the same.

Veritas is not providing any OST plugins. OST plugins are the responsibility of the OST deduplication vendor.

If someone, like me, wants to install the OST plugin on a NetBackup Flex media server instance, he must follow the instructions of the OST vendor. The plugin is installed the same way as a BYO media server.

I opened a case with Veritas Support, and that was the answer. In fact I point to support this threat.