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Flex Instance

Level 3

creating Instance on Flex is so simple?
creating Master on Flex agree , straight forward

how's that possible when installed Media to get error on configuration that "domain does not exist"

opening the log of the instance one of the log i get is :

Configuring NetBackup media server.
[2023-04-20 12:28:56] Setting up NetBackup media server ...
[2023-04-20 12:28:56] The domain does not exist.

and at the end :

[2023-04-20 12:29:08] You are not authorized to run this command.
[2023-04-20 12:29:08] Command did not complete successfully.
[2023-04-20 12:29:08] Setup failed. Check /mnt/nblogs/setup-server.log for details.

i appreciate any help that i can get from you guys


Level 4
Have you added SERVER=media-fqdn into bp.conf on master server instance?

Level 1

I'm trying to create primary and media servers using the REST-APIs, I can't see any obvious way to set the SERVER=media-fqdn via any of the APIs, can anyone provide any clues I've multiple appliances to configure and don't want to have to switch to the webUI part way through the process.

Level 1


Did you ever find a solution to this? I seem to be struggling with the same error.