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Flex VMware SAN backup failed

Level 2


We have been setting up a new Flex appliance 5250 since about 2 weeks ago.

Last week, we successfully setup VMware SAN backup for the VMs on our 1st SAN (HDS E590).

However, this week, after we assigned the datastores from our another 2 SANs (HDS G-200 and G-370) to the Flex, their VMware SAN backup doesn't work, i.e. failed with the classic 6 and 23 errors.

But, the VMware SAN backup for the 1st SAN (HDS E590) is still working.

I did many times of rescan and also checked, just to be sure that the datastores from HDS G-200 and HDS G-370 are indeed assigned to the Flex and, all of them are visible on the FC ports.

That being said, there is one strange thing though...

After I de-assigned some datastore LUNs from the Flex, those LUNs, after many times rescan, don't go way, instead, they are still present but with strange LUN ID as "HITACHI_5040D219FFFF""

So, I'm not sure what else I might have missed ? Or does it simply mean the Flex itself needs to be restarted ?

I admit that I'm new to this Flex, so would be very much appreciated if someone could point me the right direction.





Level 2

Hi Kelvin,

We have a flex 5350 and have run into a few different issues around SAN backups.  We have done the rescan process (stop instance...rescan...start instance) and have noticed it solved some issues.  Have you run a clean as well to see if it removed the stale LUN's?

We have an issue with status 84's showing up while backing up VM's via SAN.  We have a couple dozen a night and it is not always the same clients.