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Master and media instance connectivity issue in 5260 flex appliance.

Level 3

I have connected eth1/nic2 and eth2/nic3 to a 1G network switch temporary (Later will move on 10g network) and created a bond between these interfaces with bonding mode balance rr.
Assigned VLAN tags to the bond interface and created master instance but getting instance connectivity issue (destination host unreachable). Please suggest.


Level 4

If I understood your question properly, you mentioned that you have created the master it pingable?
can you reach the master server (by java, web ui).
for media server, you need to add the name to master server before creating it (either in or from host properties).
please do provide more details of the error.for Flex if the instance has issue, we can log in to the container and find more details about the error.

Dear Kiyan,

Master server is not pingable. It's new implementation on flex appliance. After creating bond and VLAN tag, created master instance successfully but it is not accessible from CLI and web console. When I run ping command, it gives destination host unreachable. Is it related to network configuration issue or instance issue. Network bond and vlan tag screenshot attached.

Level 4

is it possible for you to remove the bond and create a new bond(this time make it active-backup).active-backup does not need any configuration from network switch side.check if you are still facing the same issue.

Level 4

bonding mode rr (round robin) requires to have some sort of configuration made on switch side. If it has not done, you'll not able to access to the instances.

To identify the issuse; you would change bonding mode to active-backup or break the bond and go with single interface. Either cases, you'll have to remove the IP addresses from instances first to release the existing bonded interface.