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Moving Flex appliance to DR

Level 2


We have recently setup 2 Flex appliances, which are placed at the same site.

One is the primary appliance that does all the backup.

Then, the backup is replicated to the 2nd (DR) appliance that will be moved to the DR site after its initial sync with the primary appliance is done.

Now, the initial sync is done, and we want to move the DR appliance to the DR site.

We know that, we need to change all the IP address of IMPI, HOST0 and 3 instances (Master Server, Media Server and the WORM Server) on the DR appliance, but that's OK.

However, I do want to check (and to be re-assured) that, changing all those IP addresses on the DR will not screw up its currently working instances and the replication, once it's moved to the DR site ?





Level 4

The management network change (host0) has special procedure to be applied. You'll have to log a support case to proceed.

The instance IP changes requires temporary interface assignment to the each instance so that you can remove the existing one and modify accordingly. It's doable anyway.