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RAID Controller Replacement on a 5230 Appliance

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Anyone have experience replacing the RAID controller on a 5230 appliance?  Is it a simple "replace and go" or are there additional steps that you need to perform?  I have a one that's throwing heat alerts but since it's an old appliance that's out of support Veritas isn't able to help.  We're working with Veritas consulting to migrate off of the appliance, but the concern is the RAID will fail before that's completed.  So, I'm left with either taking a chance and replace it now or hold my breath and hope we migrate before it fails.  Neither of which is a particularly good option.

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the chances of getting an exact match on all of hardware HBA card (+embedded BIOS). plus OS drivers, plus OS itself, plus OS and associated packages... all from what would be an eBay (buyer beware) type market is slim... so... follow the path of least resistance... migrate before it all fails.