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System-Root Full - 5230 Appliance

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I have an issue with my 5230 appliance (I know it's EOSL). I do have a hardware maintenance on the device but not software support.

I have access to CLISH, however I can't elevate due to, what  I presume, is the system-root being full. I have access via the IPMI too which is something mentioned I would need, however I'm not sure where to go to from here. 

When I login to the appliance via PuTTY I get the below, again which is down to the system-root being full.?

"Unable to authenticate user for web service access. An internal error occurred. See the Troubleshooting Guide for detailed solutions."

When I tried to intrusion prevention system (IPS) policy, I get "Unable to communicate with the SDCSS Util Daemon." I tried to start the service but it fails

Where do I go to from here?


Accepted Solutions

Level 3

I deleted the MegaSAS.log and I am now able to get back on to the system.

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I have seen similar issue in the past where a raid controller battery needed replacing and the megaraid log file inflated to take up all available space on the root volume.

I was able to resolve it by booting to single user.

It is not a straight forward process as you also have to overcome the Critical Protection. I don't want to provide those steps on this forum.

I would suggest that you work with Veritas Support to resolve this in the first instance.

Thanks, as mentioned Veritas already said they can't support me as I don't have a software contract with them, so I'm on my own. This device will used to restore legacy backups as we have moved to a new solution, but I want to have it working.

I'll look into the single user mode

I have identified the MegaSAS.log that is taking up 69gb of storage. 

Is it OK to delete that file?

Level 3

I deleted the MegaSAS.log and I am now able to get back on to the system.