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Upgrade veritas appliance 5250 4.1 to 5.1.1

Level 2


I'm experiencing an issue with upgrading a Veritas 5250 appliance used as a media server. The upgrade process itself completes successfully, but during the post-upgrade phase, the appliance is attempting to contact unsuccessfully.

Is there a way to perform this upgrade offline? We are using an Internet proxy, and it's challenging to establish communication with the Veritas server.

  1. 2024-04-19T16:49:53.622+02:00 [28743] [Error] Error reading content from : 500 Can't connect to (Name or service not known)
    2024-04-19T16:49:53.704+02:00 [28743] [Error] Failed to access the Veritas Support website. Check your network connections and try downloading the software update again.

Thank you.


Level 5

I have seen this error for Callhome (eventhough call home is a one way connectivity, it only sends data to Veritas).you can enable it in case if it is not working via CLISH>Settings(or manage)>Alerts>callhome
you will have option to enable it (or enbale via proxy).
but you do not have to be connected to Callhome for upgrade,in fact it is not mandatory to be connected to internet(for upgrade),what are the steps you following to do the upgrade?
did you use Netbackup Appliance upgrade readiness analyzer first,if yes, what was the result for it

find the required pre-upgrade process for your version in below:





Level 2

Hello Kiyan,

Thank you for your response. Here is the result from the Readiness Analyzer:

[Info] To complete the upgrade, this media server requires a CA certificate and a host ID-based certificate. To deploy the host ID-based certificate, a token may also be required based on the security level of the associated primary server. Refer to the NetBackup security certificate topics for instructions.

The upgrade readiness analysis passed. This appliance can be upgraded.

- [Info] Starting with version 5.1.1, 5250 and 5350 appliances require license compliance. To obtain a valid license, log in to VEMS with your entitlement credentials and retrieve the appropriate license. After the upgrade has completed, add the license to the appliance with the following command: 'Manage> License> Appliance> Add'.
- [Info] You can run the Support > Logs > Browse command to view the upgrade readiness analyzer logs that are stored in "LOGROOT/APPLIANCE/upgrade_readiness_analysis_report_05-13-2024-16-24.txt". You can also download the log file from opened NFS or CIFS shares on the appliance.