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Integration NetBackup Appliance - Nutanix

Hi Guys,I´m following the documentation but I´m lost at the point to take backups, so I have some questions:- According to the documentation, we should use ISCSI, is this documentation related to backups/restores?- The Primary and the media server ar...

AndresV by Level 6
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Configure MSDP node cloud tier on WORM instance

Hi,We are currently investigating how to add a cloud tier to the Flex at our Disaster Recovery site.Our plan is that, some business critical backup will be replicated from the Flex at the primary site, to the Flex at the DR site, from which it will d...

5340 ip address change -> migration to remote site

Hello, the customer has moved an appliance to a remote site and needs to change its ip address. Is there a guide or procedure i can follow to accomplish this? New IPMI is already configured (i can access it via web), and currently in the appliance is...

Docker0 on the NBU flex appliance

Hi Team,I have Flex Appliances 5250 and when I check ifconfig from support >> shell there are network interface docker0, mgmt0, host0 etc..And by default when the appliance not configure IP Address on docker0 but that IP can not be re...

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EDP20 by Level 2
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Resolved! System-Root Full - 5230 Appliance

I have an issue with my 5230 appliance (I know it's EOSL). I do have a hardware maintenance on the device but not software support.I have access to CLISH, however I can't elevate due to, what  I presume, is the system-root being full. I have access v...

Bsodd by Level 3
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not starting sisipsdaemon

helloI am using netbackup appliance 5250.However, since last week, when I try to run sdcss agent in maintenance mode, "Unable to communicate with the SDCSS Util Daemon." It is not running with an error message.As a result of findingSupport> Service R...

Flex Appliance 5250 LAN/SAN cards upgrade

Hello,Please your help with this scenario, we have a Flex Appliance 5250 B type, and we need to upgrade a D type for FTMS support, the upgrade cards SKU's are defined and the installation cards are supported by the Veritas Appliances Team, BUT we don...

rafanto by Level 4
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Flex Appliance 5250 and EMC Data Domain integration via OST

Hello,Can we integrate a media server instance (on a Flex Appliance) via OST Plugin to an Data Domain?  In the EMC web page exist the respective OST plugin for NBU, but we don't know if is compatible with Flex architecture.Thank youRegardsRafael

rafanto by Level 4
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Immutable storage in Flex appliances

Hello experts,We are planning to procure new appliances and we are thinking to procure 5350 flex appliance. Before reaching out to Vendor i just want to know1.what is immutabel storage in flex appliance.2. How How this immutable storage protect data ...

Dav1234 by Level 4
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Where to download the permanent License keys  for my new  NetBackup 5250 Appliance

ver by Level 2
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Flex VMware SAN backup failed

Hi,We have been setting up a new Flex appliance 5250 since about 2 weeks ago.Last week, we successfully setup VMware SAN backup for the VMs on our 1st SAN (HDS E590).However, this week, after we assigned the datastores from our another 2 SANs (HDS G-...

Data Restoration to Flex Appliance

We have existing Veritas 5240 Appliance with Netbackup running. Now we have another Flex Appliance installed in Network. How to restore all data from Existing appliance to the new Flex Appliance. or any other suggestions for smooth data copy.Regards,...

Moving Flex appliance to DR

Hi,We have recently setup 2 Flex appliances, which are placed at the same site.One is the primary appliance that does all the backup.Then, the backup is replicated to the 2nd (DR) appliance that will be moved to the DR site after its initial sync wit...

Transferring TB of Data from Tapes to Appliance

Hi folks, the scenario is to transfer a huge amount of images stored on tapes (hundreds of them) to the new appliances. Portable disks are a no-go. Anyone with experience around? Regards, Bert

bert_geiger by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Flex Shell Command and rescan/scan FC Channel

Hi guys,NBU 5250 Flex 2.x has not command in Flex Shell Command menu for scan/rescan fibre channel.   This option is from Flex Shell Console.   If I change VM datastore size ( where SAN backup is used) then reboot of appliance is recommended - see th...

PetrHanz by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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NBAPP_EEB_ET4024288- on 5250 concerns

Greetings,Currently running Appliance Version 4.0 as a media server and in the process of preparing for an upgrade to NBU 5.0.  Attempting to apply latest firmware package prior to upgrading to upgrading NBU.  After installing the EEB, there were a n...

5250 appliance as both a Master and Media Server

I need to configure a 5250 appliance as both a "Master" and "Media" server. On a search I was unable to find a document that provides steps to perform this activity. I may have missed the document.Can someone in the community advise me on how I perfo...

br_ram by Level 3
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