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bpexpdata on MSDP

I want to use bpexpdate for MSDP on media server. How to? Which parameters use for bpexpdate to expire all data from MSDP Pool?

NetBackup Flex Appliance Tape Library

Do we need to install the tape library drivers on the netbackup flex appliance to be able to discover it ?They are connected back to back  connectivity without SAN Switch. Flex appliance 5250 -> IBM TS4300 over FC Ports.The tape library version is a ...

NB script

NetBackup Flex ApplianceOur client wants log for backups running on the appliance, we created a script that redirects output of bpimagelist -U command into a file or / directory. But in there previous appliance they had policy names on the names of c...

Shehkh4 by Level 4
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NBA upgrade to 5.3 passes AURA, but fails to upgrade

I've got a case opened with Veritas for this, just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this.  Based on the telemetry log output, it appears the logic for the upgrade check passed is reversed.appliance.Software> Install VRTS_NBAPP_update-5.3-...

NetBackup Flex Appliance 5260 Log Forwarding

Which TLS (1.2 or 1.3) version does NetBackup Flex Appliance 5260 support? I am not able to find the info in the available KBs. Please help me with some reference.I only found that Flex Scale supports TLS1.2. 

Quazi by Level 1
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Flex 3.2 setup-console failed

Hello, i'm trying to configure a 5350Flex HA with two nodes and four shelves. I've re-imagined the two nodes from FlexOS3.0 to 3.2 and now i'm starting the initial configuration on the first node. All is up&running, shelves connected and sas cable co...

RAID Controller Replacement on a 5230 Appliance

Anyone have experience replacing the RAID controller on a 5230 appliance?  Is it a simple "replace and go" or are there additional steps that you need to perform?  I have a one that's throwing heat alerts but since it's an old appliance that's out of...

Appliance 5350 JBODS IDs

Hello,We have recently power on a Flex appliance 5350, according with the documentation, and the Storage Shelfs ID's are in this way:We need to fix this issue with the correct order.Any procedure or ideas please?Thank you!RegardsRafael

rafanto by Level 4
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Network configuration is Netbackup Flex Appliance

Hi Guys,We are about to deploy a NetBackup Flex Appliance and we have some questions related to networking.Considering we have 4 10/25 Gbps ports and 4x1 Gbps (CU).We are going to deploy 3 instances (1 Primary server, 1 normal msdp and 1 worm msdp) s...

AndresV by VIP
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Share Open to collect logs Python script errors

Hello i'm working on a 5250 appliance but when i try to open the share to collect the logs an error is returned (three, really).The error seems related to an indentation issue in the executed python scripts...details in the attached screenshot.Have y...

5350 Flex default eth0 ip address

Hello, as stated in the chassis of a Flex 5350 control node the default ip address for eth0/NIC1 port is but in no way i'm able to reach it from my laptop. The appliance has not yet been configured, no activities performed on it.I've ...

Backup Appliance for 100 tb+

backing up to tapes currently, no problem there.  takes time.looking for appliance that is supported by backup exec application.  Preferred product.Just to backup the way Veritas does.  Need in case of restoration via Veritas.

Quick Peak at the Enhancements in NetBackup Flex Scale 3.1

Are you curious about the new NetBackup Flex Scale 3.1?  It comes with some exciting enhancements that make managing your private and hybrid cloud data protection solution even easier. Well here's a quick peak:   As with all releases of NetBackup po...

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smoulton by Level 2
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Flex scale ILO access

Hello i'm trying to access a new Flex Scale appliance from the ILO service port but i can't connect using the hostname (DNS) assigned from the factory to the node (ILO+serial number) in https. Is it needed to previously boot up the node?My only need ...