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Flex scale ILO access

Hello i'm trying to access a new Flex Scale appliance from the ILO service port but i can't connect using the hostname (DNS) assigned from the factory to the node (ILO+serial number) in https. Is it needed to previously boot up the node?My only need ...

DNS records required for Veritas Access 3350.

Hi guys.We are trying to configured in the DNS the access appliance.We have an IP for eth1 on nodeA and IP for eth1 on nodeB so we create a cluster name linking these two IP.We also requested 4 virtual IPs but we dont know how to create a dns record ...

AndresV by Level 6
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How to use API key in POSTMAN for authorization ?

Hello Folks,I am tying to setup authorization with my flex-appinace from POSTMAN.I am using the metrics API key for this purpose.Generated from Flex.However , Authorization is still not getting establish and i am getting output as "Unauthorized"Any c...

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NBU appliance 5230

we have old Netbackup applianceAppliance Model is NetBackup Appliance 5230.Appliance Version is i checked on netbackup catalog it do not show any backup images on NBU appliance 5230. But disk pool it show 380 GB as used disk spacei check...

rookie11 by Moderator
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can you assign 2 IPs on Veritas Flax appliance

Hi There,       I have a customer who is asking if we can configure the Flex appliance with 2 different IPs, one to be used for the backup communication between the clients and the appliance (within the same site) and another IP with a different subn...

Bond updating after media server creation

Hello, on a 5250 Flex appliance, release 3.0, i've created a bond using the 4 FC/TH port available. On this bond i've tagged a vlan and then i've created a media server container using it (bond0.21).bond0.21 (nic3 to nic6, 5250 appliance E i/o setup)...

Flex Instance

creating Instance on Flex is so simple?creating Master on Flex agree , straight forwardhow's that possible when installed Media to get error on configuration that "domain does not exist"opening the log of the instance one of the log i get is :Configu...

Cannot login to the Flex appliance Media instant.

Hi,We have newly installed the flex appliance 5250 and created the media instant. we could login to that instant successfully. But after we changed the login banner of that media instant and after that we cannot login to this instant.Below is the err...

Zonning NB appliance 5250 with MSL3040

We have NB 5250 with 2 FC ports (both in initiator mode) connects to MSL 3040 via a switch. Tape library has 3 drives (2 x LTO9 and a LTO7). Single switch only. So our zonning DB has only two entriesport 1 from NB5250 and 3 drivesport 2 from NB5250 a...

santhas by Level 1
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Check load on NICs in 5240

How do I monitor the load on the NICs in a Netbackup 5240?Right now we have 2 10gb NICs bonded together to give us a 20gb pipe, but there is talk about separating prod and no-prod into separate VLANs and they want us to be able to connect to both.In ...

How to change Flex Appliance IP address.

Hi All,We are moving our Veritas Flex Appliance 5250 (upgraded to 3.0 already, planning to apply 3.0.1), we have configured one Master and one Media servers running NetBackup 9.0.1.Is there an easy way or documentation other than the "Veritas Flex Ap...

kavak10 by Level 1
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Integration NetBackup Appliance - Nutanix

Hi Guys,I´m following the documentation but I´m lost at the point to take backups, so I have some questions:- According to the documentation, we should use ISCSI, is this documentation related to backups/restores?- The Primary and the media server ar...

AndresV by Level 6
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Configure MSDP node cloud tier on WORM instance

Hi,We are currently investigating how to add a cloud tier to the Flex at our Disaster Recovery site.Our plan is that, some business critical backup will be replicated from the Flex at the primary site, to the Flex at the DR site, from which it will d...

5340 ip address change -> migration to remote site

Hello, the customer has moved an appliance to a remote site and needs to change its ip address. Is there a guide or procedure i can follow to accomplish this? New IPMI is already configured (i can access it via web), and currently in the appliance is...

Docker0 on the NBU flex appliance

Hi Team,I have Flex Appliances 5250 and when I check ifconfig from support >> shell there are network interface docker0, mgmt0, host0 etc..And by default when the appliance not configure IP Address on docker0 but that IP can not be re...

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EDP20 by Level 2
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Resolved! System-Root Full - 5230 Appliance

I have an issue with my 5230 appliance (I know it's EOSL). I do have a hardware maintenance on the device but not software support.I have access to CLISH, however I can't elevate due to, what  I presume, is the system-root being full. I have access v...

Bsodd by Level 3
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not starting sisipsdaemon

helloI am using netbackup appliance 5250.However, since last week, when I try to run sdcss agent in maintenance mode, "Unable to communicate with the SDCSS Util Daemon." It is not running with an error message.As a result of findingSupport> Service R...

Flex Appliance 5250 LAN/SAN cards upgrade

Hello,Please your help with this scenario, we have a Flex Appliance 5250 B type, and we need to upgrade a D type for FTMS support, the upgrade cards SKU's are defined and the installation cards are supported by the Veritas Appliances Team, BUT we don...

rafanto by Level 4
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