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Flex VMware SAN backup failed

Hi,We have been setting up a new Flex appliance 5250 since about 2 weeks ago.Last week, we successfully setup VMware SAN backup for the VMs on our 1st SAN (HDS E590).However, this week, after we assigned the datastores from our another 2 SANs (HDS G-...

Data Restoration to Flex Appliance

We have existing Veritas 5240 Appliance with Netbackup running. Now we have another Flex Appliance installed in Network. How to restore all data from Existing appliance to the new Flex Appliance. or any other suggestions for smooth data copy.Regards,...

Moving Flex appliance to DR

Hi,We have recently setup 2 Flex appliances, which are placed at the same site.One is the primary appliance that does all the backup.Then, the backup is replicated to the 2nd (DR) appliance that will be moved to the DR site after its initial sync wit...

Transferring TB of Data from Tapes to Appliance

Hi folks, the scenario is to transfer a huge amount of images stored on tapes (hundreds of them) to the new appliances. Portable disks are a no-go. Anyone with experience around? Regards, Bert

bert_geiger by Moderator
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Flex Shell Command and rescan/scan FC Channel

Hi guys,NBU 5250 Flex 2.x has not command in Flex Shell Command menu for scan/rescan fibre channel.   This option is from Flex Shell Console.   If I change VM datastore size ( where SAN backup is used) then reboot of appliance is recommended - see th...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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NBAPP_EEB_ET4024288- on 5250 concerns

Greetings,Currently running Appliance Version 4.0 as a media server and in the process of preparing for an upgrade to NBU 5.0.  Attempting to apply latest firmware package prior to upgrading to upgrading NBU.  After installing the EEB, there were a n...

5250 appliance as both a Master and Media Server

I need to configure a 5250 appliance as both a "Master" and "Media" server. On a search I was unable to find a document that provides steps to perform this activity. I may have missed the document.Can someone in the community advise me on how I perfo...

br_ram by Level 3
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Resolved! Flex appliance 5250 adding a node

The company I work for has two new flex-appliance 5250's. I have successfully configured the IPMI and HOST0. Both are reachable over the network. I trying to add a node via my browser pointing to the HOST0. I've done all steps, create network, create...

Trouble to understanding warning status of disk drive

Hi folks.I have trouble to understand a warning status of a disk drive in our 5240 appliance.In the web interface the disk [44:11] is marked "yellow" (please see screenshot #1). Is the reason therefore because the disc was former global hotspare in s...

ps14 by Level 3
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Resolved! still supported on 5230 hardware

Does anyone know if Veritas will continue to support v3.3.0.1 appliance instances even if the 5230 hardware underneath has gone EOL ?

sdo by Moderator
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Log4j vulnerabilities mitigation/remediation hotfixes

Please refer to the following master tech article: The respective appliance-specific tech articles are being updated on an ongoing basis with latest information about remediation hotfixe...

sagrawal by Level 5
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Checking for primary node in a media server cluster

Greetings, NBU 5340 appliances as media servers and are clustered and setup as primary and failover. Running / NBU version I'd like to know what the command line is to check which node is primary from the elevated prompt.

DPeaco by Moderator
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Resolved! configure Flex Appliance 5250

Hello all, I have a project to configure a Flex-Appliance. The documentation is not very clear, is it possible to guide me a bit so I can configure the box myself? I did configure non-flex-appliances, but the flex ones are rather different.Regards, R...

Netbackup 5240 Appliance change backup network

HelloWe have 8.1.2 Windows Master and 3.1.2 5240 Appliance. Appliance with L config. Until this time we were using eth1(1g). We plug FC(eth7 10g) etherhet card and assing IP on it. Ip config:eth1 GW: eth7 1291.68.1.79/24 ...

vaultlearner by Level 4
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NetBackup 5240 appliance with tape via Fiber

Hello,I have a NetBackup 5240 appliance and I want to configure tape backup. I have connected the tape library to slot 6 port 1 (initiator) via 8GB fiber (does not go through SAN switch but directly connected to the appliance). I then ran Manage > Fi...

Bandwidth limit when configuring air

hiCurrently, I have two net backup appliances, one for backup and the other for DR.However, the network bandwidth in between is too narrow, so bandwidth must be limited, but I have not been able to find any related data.Please help from many people.