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new appliance 5250

Level 6

new appliance 5250 rack and stack done in DC. IPMI console ip set and configured. appliance version is at 3.2. This one is 4th appliance purchased. I already have a unix master(rockwell 8.2) and 3 more appliances already running as media server (most have 4 disk shelves attached).         

Please share steps , commands which i need to use to configure this appliance further, put this to working condition and set up as a media server of unix master(rockwell 8.2) 


Level 3


Please find everything you need here:

Also, may I ask why so far back on code? The NetBackup Appliance is currently at 4.0 and soon to be at 4.1.



I thought you would want to know that the MyAppliance portal has been deprecated and customers need to start using the new NetInsights console.



Level 6

First of All you have to connect to Appliane locally using crash cart with eth0 port and login using default admin credentials. then configure IPMI network using appliance clish. (I am considering appliance IPMI port is already connect by a cable connected to network with and network port is set to auto-negotiate). Once IPMI is configured, log in to your appliance using IPMI IP address and sysadmin credentials. From there connect to jvm IPMI console and start configuring the appliance.