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AppHA package not installing on RHEL 6.4 guest, Upstart compatible?

We are currently evaluating AppHA. We are trying to install the AppHA package on RHEL 6.4, and have run into an interesting issue.

Apparently the installer is looking for vmtools on the guest, but is looking for it in /etc/init.d/vmware-tools. Unfortunately, the Upstart architecture has moved everything to /etc/vmware-tools, and the actual script to access it is now /etc/vmware-tools/services ...

I am installing from what I think is the correct package (dvd2/linux-x86_64-vmware/rhel6_x86_64/installer), and RHEL "6 and later" is listed as supported in the AppHA 6.0 SCL ...

What am I missing here?



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Hello C! It appears you have

Hello C!

It appears you have encountered a known issue in AppHA 6.0.  We have created a patch for this issue and after applying it you should be able to proceed with your evaluation.

The patch can be downloaded at this link:


Please let me know if you still have any issues after the patch has been applied.

Thank you,


Still having issues ;-) Dumb

Still having issues ;)

Dumb question - what kind of connectivity does the guest need to the appha console server and the vcenter server?

I currently have the linux test guest in a sandbox with only a virtual switch on the local esx host. The only other guest that can talk to that guest is the appha console server, which also has a second NIC attached to a "public" vswitch. The vcenter server only has attachments to "public" VNICs, so cannot see the target guest directly.



Hi Colin, Exactly what issue

Hi Colin,

Exactly what issue you are facing now?

Can you provide more details and if possible, some screenshots?


The configuration that you've metioned seems (on that face of it) to be fine.