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ApplicationHA on LPAR with VCS and SRDF replication agent

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I am evaluating AppllicationHA in my environment which is composed of LPARs in two frames installed in two separate sites. The LPARs are accesing two EMC storage VMAX and there is a replication link using SRDF.

We are not able to use Live Partition Mobility between the two PowerSystem Servers because there is not an storage shared betweem them. For this reason we will like to use a VCS management cluster installed in the frames (one node on each PowerSystem Server) and this VCS cluster is using SRDF replication agent.

My question is if we configure applicationHA in this VCS management cluster to protect a LPAR, can this LPAR use the VCS with SRDF agent? Doing so, we will solve our limitation and we will be able to relocate the LPAR to the other frame automatically.



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SRDF should work fine in VCS with an LPAR, but not sure about ApplicationHA. The official documention says see for agent support and this does not list ANY replication agent as being supported with ApplicationHA.

Have you looked at: