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DLP Enforce Server deployed on VCS (Veritas High Availability solution for DLP Enforce Server)

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Hi All, 

I need clarrfication on below metniond point:

1 Need VCS implementation docs and how its works.

2 Why DLP Enforce Services( 1.Vontu Notifier 2. Vontu Manager 3. Vontu Incident Persister  4. Vontu Monitor Controller 5. Vontu Update) shoud set as Manual not automatic?

3. If any DLP Enforce Services services as mentioned is not working or want to restart any services , what is the exact process of restarting serverin VCS environment?


Please send information on mail -




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Hi Mithunsoni1,

1. SFW-HA (VCS) product guides are at:

I'm not sure where the DLP guides are.  I'm pretty sure that DLP has its own guides to cluster it using SFW-HA/VCS.

2. Typically when clustering an application, the application services are set to manual startup so that the cluster software can start/stop/restart the application services as needed.

3. VCS will monitor the servcies to see if they are working.  If the services stop, then VCS can fail the service group to another node of the cluster or restart the application services on the same node depending on the exact configuratoin of the cluster.

To manually restart an appliation in a VCS cluster, you can offline/online the service group or offline/online the individual resources in the service group.

Thank you,