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RHEL 5 Bonding

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I want to create 2 bonds, example bond0 and bond1 using only 2 nic eth0 and eth1

Both the bonds would be in same vlan

we intend to set eth0 as primary in bond0 for Prodcution IP

and eth2 as primary in bond1 for Backup IP

Please sugeest how to achieve this.


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If you can configure bonds in this way in Linux, then it should work in VCS/ApplicationHA by setting up 2 NIC resources, one for bond0 and one for bond1 and having an IP resource associated with each NIC resource, but I am not sure it is possible to setup 2 bonds using the same interfaces in Linux.

I guess what you are trying to achieve is Production uses eth0 and backup uses eth2 and if either interface fails, then the remaining interface runs both Production and eth0.   An altertive to this is to set up bond in active-active mode so that both interfaces are used (assuming this is possible in Linux), so then you have one NIC resource in VCS and 2 IP resources using this single NIC resource.  This is almost the same as your proposal in that you are making use of both interfaces but the traffic is not separated on each interface.