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VCS WARNING V-16-10031-8503 NotifierMngr:notifier:monitor:Expected correct SNMP and | or SMTP options

I've got this Warning message in my engine_A.log and NotifierMngr_A.log .

My ClusterService is OFFLINE since I've reboot the server.

And not possible to PROBE the ressource on any off my two server.

any suggestion to remove the warning and/or restart the service will be appreciate.

hastatus -sum

-- System               State                Frozen

A  tol031               RUNNING              0
A  tol032               RUNNING              0

-- Group           System               Probed     AutoDisabled    State

B  ClusterService  tol031               N          N               OFFLINE
B  ClusterService  tol032               N          N               OFFLINE
B  lan             tol031               Y          N               ONLINE
B  lan             tol032               Y          N               ONLINE
B  touapf          tol031               Y          N               PARTIAL
B  touapf          tol032               Y          N               OFFLINE
B  vxfen           tol031               Y          N               ONLINE
B  vxfen           tol032               Y          N               ONLINE

-- Group           Type                 Resource             System

E  ClusterService  NotifierMngr         notifier             tol031
E  ClusterService  NotifierMngr         notifier             tol032
E  touapf          Application          touapfxcamApp        tol031
E  touapf          Application          touapfxcamApp        tol032
E  vxfen           CoordPoint           coordpoint           tol031
E  vxfen           CoordPoint           coordpoint           tol032

ps the PARTIAL on may touapf Group is known, nothing to do with my issue.

2 Replies

Hi, Was the notifier resource


Was the notifier resource added recently or has been in system before ? What is the VCS version you are using ?

Can you double check if all the required parameters for notifier resource are provided in the config. Required attributes can be seen in below link

Any errors you are getting if you run the probe command ?

Usually when you run the probe command, the monitor script of that agent executes to determine the status of the resource. Was there any manual changes done to the monitoring script of this resource ? If yes, check out the exit codes, VCS doesn't understand exit codes of 0 & 1. For VCS 110 is successful & 100 is unsuccessful.



Please post ClusterService

Please post ClusterService portion of

Clearly something wrong with Notifier config...


PS: Is this really ApplicationHA or VCS (Veritas Cluster)?
If VCS, we will move this post to the Cluster forum.