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Resolved! Unable to configure multile application for monitoring.

Hello all. I used Application HA 6.1 on windows server 2012 R2. I read this document( ), then I performed the commands to add an application to an existing configuration. However, commandline put error messe...

k-masa by Level 2
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Resolved! Migrate ApplicationHA to new vCenter server

We're consolidating a number of vCenter servers into a single instance.  One of the clusters we want to move has VMs managed by AppHA 6.0.1.  Is there an easy way to migrate the cluster configuration from the old vCenter server to the new one without...

jria by Level 3
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Resolved! Application ha6.1 suppport matrix for vmware rethat 6 guest

hi, I have installed symantec ha console 6.1 on windows platform . Is this the newest verion for windows platform? I know linux platform you can install to 6.2 version.  what is suppport matrix for vmware rethat 6 guest OS for application ha? Wher...

ylin-123 by Level 4
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cannot configure vxfen after reboot

Hello, We move physically a server, and after reboot, we cannot configure vxfen. # vxfenconfig -c VXFEN vxfenconfig ERROR V-11-2-1002 Open failed for device: /dev/vxfen with error 2   my vxfen.log : Wed Aug 19 13:17:09 CEST 2015 Invoked vxfen. ...

Building NetBackup Global Cluster with VVR Option... need

Hello,     I am trying to build a global cluster with VVR option. Where i have one NetBackup cluster in Site A with two nodes and one Netbackup Cluster in Site B with single node. I know how to do replication manually for the catalog but would lik...

Mujtaba by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Questions about vxconfigd daemon

Running a three node cluster on HPUX, 11.31.   We have the vxconfigd daemon running, but something i see is that the daemon on one server uses about 20-50% CPU util, on another server about the same, and then on the third server of the cluster very l...

ApplicationHA with RHEL 7.1

Hi,   Not sure if this could be the right place to ask this but I was trying to find the Appl HA version compatible with RHEL 7 and I found that only the latest one is... But I couldnt find it to download as a trial (tried the trialware ino the sy...

failed to bring up HeartBeat interface with GAB config

Dear Experts,    I'm facing an issue here in cluster setup 8+2  I have managed to create 1+1 cluster and when trying to add the 3rd node I got stuck in gabconfig step  below is the /var/adm/messages  Jun 21 22:49:50 MM-BL2 bnxe: [ID 801725 kern.i...

ApplicationHA on LPAR with VCS and SRDF replication agent

Hello,  I am evaluating AppllicationHA in my environment which is composed of LPARs in two frames installed in two separate sites. The LPARs are accesing two EMC storage VMAX and there is a replication link using SRDF. We are not able to use Live P...

EBS application and oracle DB IN HA

To have the oracle EBS Application and Oracle DB in HA what all the Veritas componets I would require ?   I need to create 2 service groups for application and DB ?   Thanks and regards, Siva

shiva125 by Not applicable
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Virtual Machine Does Not Exist Error

Hi, I am using Application HA 6.0 with Veritas 6.0.5 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5. I am following this user guide:

primal100 by Not applicable
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Symantec application HA 6.0 on the vcenter 5.0 u3

Hi Support, Currently configuring the APPHA for my environment, After installing the APPHA console , I have installed guest component  followed by from VM appha console level am getting the error .Refer the attachement. I have installed flash play...

Joshram by Level 3
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Resolved! ApplicationHA 6.1, ESXi 5.5 and SQL 2012 problems

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone out there might be able to throw a bit of advice my way. Currently evaluating AppHA on VMWare (AppHA 6.1 and ESXi 5.5 hosts) with the view to buying as on paper it does exactly what we want. I've installed the...

Resolved! vxconfigd: fatal: relocation error

Hi In my solaris box where I have VXVM,getting the below error--   root@abc # vxconfigd vxconfigd: fatal: relocation error: file /etc/vx/lib/discovery.d/ symbol ddl_asl_trace: referenced symbol not found VxVM vxconfigd ERROR...

Resolved! Symantec APP HA - Console server IP change

Hi    Currently we are migrating the vsphere vcenter to diffrent IP , where APPHA console and agents are configured. What are the procedure we need to follow for console server  /vcenter and agent, inorder to change the new IP address.   Regard ...

Joshram by Level 3
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