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Resolved! VVR paused due to network disconnection

Hi all. I have a global cluster with 2 minicluster systems with solaris 10 installed (SPARC) primary: MIVDB01S - secondary: MILDB08S -                I stopped the secondary (init 0) for 3 days, and after that I startup ...

tgenova by Level 4
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Resolved! Symantec AppHA doubt

Hi all, I need to understand Symantec AppHA can help me with the latest documentation to refer as well as the compatibility, prerequisites etc... And also how it differs from VmWare AppHA. Thanks, Nayab

Nayabsk by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! symantec AppHA problem

Hi my esxi version is 5.5 u2 and my vcenter version is 5.5 u1 now i have downloaded VCS 6.1 & High availability console 6.1 & application HA 6.1 i have reade all of documents but now i am so confused pleas say me ehat is the order of installing syma...

Resolved! Guest - Guest clustering on single Hardware

Hi Community, I found a document mentioning about the limitations of guest to guest clustering on a virtualized environment (i.e. vmware ESXi) because of the I/O fencing problems in Veritas Cluster Suite 5.1   My question is do we still have this ...

Metehan by Not applicable
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Resolved! Solaris 10 + Zones + ZFS + VCS

Hi all, I don't have a lot of experiences on VCS I have 2 servers on Solaris 10 update 11, installed on ZFS (rpool), and I want to do a Cluster for an application APP   Node A = zonea (zonepath for zonea is ZFS / local disk  ZFS ) Node B = zoneb...

user_new by Not applicable
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Resolved! Network adaptor unavailable

Hi All, After upgrading a cluster server from windows 2008 R1 to windows 2008 R2 the server cannot connect to the network anymore. The adaptor is still there and the heartbeats are working , but the principal network cannot be reached. The server ...

Blizzie by Not applicable
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Resolved! AppHA console test Cases

Hello Guys, I have succesfully installed  AppHA console for our environments and I know the basic features that we can stop/start servcies and unconfigure, configure servicdes. What are other featues AppHA console have it? I need to create a test c...

mokkan by Level 6
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after mirroring plex, ssh service are not running

hi all, i have some productions server that are using SFHA Cluster. i need to mirroring volume to new storage using. (#vxassist -g DGname mirror VOLname alloc="vxdisk1 vxdisk2 . . . . vxdisk13") after 190 minutes ssh service cannot be access. i ab...

dh3kan by Level 3
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Resolved! AppHA, SRM, VOM VBS Orchestration

Hello All, I'm working through a complex implementation and have hit a couple of snags along the way. Maybe people have worked on verious bits along the way and may be able to contribute to an overall solution The object of this endeavor is to create...

Resolved! Modify the resource type

Hi, Do we need downtime to modify the resource type? I am about to modify my Oracle OnlineTimeout resource type to higher timeout. Oracle OnlineTimeout 300 to Oracle OnlineTimeout 1800   Thank you.

Resolved! Symantec ApplicationHA 6.0.00000.419 vCenter 5.5 plugin

We have been running the symantec Application plugin with vCenter 4.1 but have now upgraded to vcenter 5.5. Do we need to upgrade the plugin. Is it validated with 5.5 yet and if not when is this likely and with what version number. Thank you.  

Resolved! Application HA

I am little confused about the functionality of Application HA and Veritas Cluster Server. My client needs a solution of local high availability (no global cluster option) in vmware virtualization environment. I am confused about whether i propose Sy...

resource dependency issue

Hi, I need to clarify things. In a 2 nodes vcs cluster we have an group with application resource, mount point resource and disk group resource. Application resource is the parent for mount point resource, and this one is parent for disk group resour...

Resolved! Actually Wally - I've hit

Actually Wally - I've hit another snag, which hopefully you can help with. Following the Veritas™ Cluster Server Implementation Guide for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2, I'm attempting to create the MSDTC resource group as explained in Chapter...

Resolved! Application HA clustering has dropped a disk... :-/

Hi, After I completed the Application HA clustering of SQL2008 across two Windows 2008 R2 nodes, I found that the SQL installation's virtual Backup disk (M: for reference) remained on the first node after I'd initiated a switch to the second node via...

Resolved! Reccuring unmount of Diskgroups

Hello Experts, After finding that some of our DGs were unmounted, i have executed VCS clear command on resources of DG which were faulted and then made them online after it. Eventually, DGs were mounted and mountpoints were present to OS. After 2-3 d...