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Clearwell 7.1.1 has been released


We’re pleased to announce that the latest version of the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform, version 7.1.1, has been release. The new release is a significant milestone in the evolution of the Clearwell product. Here are the key highlights of the release:

Identification & Collection

  • EV Collector – the first phase in fully integrating the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform with Enterprise Vault. The combination boasts market-leading collection performance.  The EV collector is also unique in supporting a simple, unique collection workflow from EV to the Clearwell collection module and on to the processing, analysis and review modules.
  • New Connectors for EMC Documentum, Xerox DocuShare, OpenText Livelink, Interwoven iManage, and IBM FileNet.
  • Collection Defensibility Reports – provides information on when collections were run, how much data was collected and under what configuration rules were used to set up the collection tasks.
  • Collection Archives – for managing collections no longer in active use.

Legal Hold

  • Legal Hold Defensibility Reports – a new mechanism for producing tangible evidence of legal hold notifications that have been created, their status, and the associated custodian actions.
  • Legal Hold Survey Reports – reports that offer a way to view all survey responses for a given legal hold.
  • Legal Hold Activity Reports – provide a way to track all activity related to a given legal hold.
  • Legal Hold Archives – provide the means to archive legal hold notices.


  • Distributed Processing – this completes the re-architecture for scalability through distributed deployment introduced in version 7.0 by adding the functionality to distribute processing across a cluster of appliances.
  • Data-optimized Export – export has been significantly re-architected to optimize resource usage and to achieve near-linear scalability and improve throughput.

Analysis & Review

  • Enhanced Search Reports – customer-driven enhancements to the Clearwell search report allowing them to view only the keyword variations and then export directly to CSV.

Export Features

  • The output of export jobs is now able to be grouped in batches by the document family count. 

Learn More

  • Clearwell 7.1.1 New Feature Overview – read for more detailed descriptions of version 7.1.1. features
  • Clearwell 7.1.1 Release notes – read for more detailed information, available at our support pages

Both documents are available here: