Determining if you are compliant with your capacity license for FSA/SharePoint

Recently I have been asked by several customers how to determine the total number of TB's used in their capacity license.  SharePoint and File System Archiving are sold on a per-TB basis within the EV Archiving Per TB solution.   This blog will provide details on how to determine your current usage and whether or not you need to purchase additional TB's of data.

EV Archiving Per TB is sold on a front-end TB basis meaning that it is based on the total amount of data archived prior to compression and single-instancing.  

To get an accurate reading on your current usage you need to leverage the EV Report tool.   Details on setting this up can be found here:


Specifically, the new report (added in EV10.0.4) called the "Content Providers Licensing and Usage Summary report" will provide details on your current usage.

First choose the report from the list of Operational reports:

capacity license 1.png

Then specify your current entitlement:

capacity license 2.png

Next generate the report showing your current usage:

capacity license 3.png