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This is the last section of the last part of a three part series on using the Altiris Software Development Kit. This 30 minute training video covers the following:

  • Writing your own Windows Application using the ASDK and Visual Studio
    • Creating your Windows Application Project
    • Various Controls used
    • How to create ASDK management objects
    • How to execute ASDK methods
  • Troubleshooting and Logging for the ASDK
Hi team, I am trying to connect to Deployment server through a client appln. using VS2005. I have observed the Altiris ASDK Role Based security and the code . COM Layer Make this call one time near the beginning of your script: .DSAuthenticate(username, password, domain) For example, the following code creates a ComputerManagement object and sets up authentication for it: Set ComputerManagement = CreateObject(“Altiris.ASDK.DS.ComputerManagement”) ComputerManagement.TargetServer = “localhost” ComputerManagement.Authenticate() Call ComputerManagement.DSAuthenticate (“Username”, “Password”, “Domain”) All the above methods are void ones. So, actually no method lets u know whether connection is successful or not. Ofcourse, last one can be.... but for me 'DSAuthenticate' is throwing a weird error like {"Method failed. Exception: The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method not allowed."} I have Users and UserGroups added with no domain and I am using UserName to connect to the DS. Thanks...