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 The Symantec Operations Readiness Tools (SORT) team is pleased to announce that the new SORT 3.10 release includes support for the upcoming NetBackup 7.6 release.

The list below highlights the NetBackup-specific updates to SORT for this release:


  • Support for NetBackup 7.6!
  • Standardize OS and CPU architecture names across SORT for integration into the new Product and Platform Lookup widget
  • Incorporate updates from changes to all NetBackup compatibility lists (Operating System (SCL) and associated features, Hardware (HCL), etc.)
  • Data collectors/custom reports and Installation & Upgrade Checklist
  • Incorporate updates for the Hot Fix / EEB Release Auditor

Installation and Upgrade Custom Report

  • Support for NetBackup 7.6
  • New checks and reporting for NetBackup 7.6 system requirements
  • New check and reporting of a remote/shared EMM server environment which is no longer supported in NetBackup 7.6
  • Inclusion of the latest NetBackup & OpsCenter hot fix information
  • Incorporates updates for the Hot Fix / EEB Release Auditor

Installation and Upgrade Checklist

  • Support for NetBackup 7.6
  • Created separate System Requirements section for Master and Media servers for better utilization of differing requirements
  • Update to the Master and Media Server System Requirements sections for NetBackup 7.6
  • Inclusion of the latest NetBackup, NetBackup Appliance and OpsCenter hot fix information
  • Support for the Windows Server 2012 platform as a Master Server
  • Support for the Ubuntu 13.04 platform
  • Support for Oracle Linux 5 and 6 as an OpsCenter Server platforms 

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