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Executive Summary
This white paper proposes an approach to building resilient private clouds in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This idealized architecture incorporates solutions that address cloud server and storage needs and reconciles them with the realities of the data center such as heterogeneity and existing infrastructure. This paper also discusses how these solutions help data centers achieve the operational flexibility of a cloud-like model without compromising the service-level agreement (SLA) requirements.

Written by: VR Satish, CTO, Storage and Availability Management Group

Download the compete white paper below.


This white paper will come in handy for IT managers whose companies are thinking of making the jump into cloud solutions but are turned off by the vulnerabilities involved in engaging a third party to host their data. A private cloud is a hybrid that allows the convenience of cloud services and the privacy of their data.

another benefit of operating in a private cloud server is that data protection and data recovery can be tuned to your company's needs very easily. It is both more efficient and cost saving.