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Here's the story in short:

In the beginning of my project and IT career we were using TS* data protection software. However, I didn’t get much chance to troubleshoot this system, as I was rookie at that time only doing some reporting stuff for data storage software. The client’s IT infrastructure was growing at a good pace they were acquiring small companies to strengthen their market position and control retail dynamics. As a result, the client asked us to add lot more servers [file and exchange] for backup in 2 of the sites. This request was then reviewed and settled according to the client budget.

So it was decided to move to NETBACKUP 6.0 and add some additional clients--and after few months, even more clients including a wide range of clients: file servers, Exchange, Windows system (Windows NT, 2000, 2003), Unix flavors (red hat ,suse) and Apple Macs.

Though we faced problem with SSO drives which went down, all went well with HBA upgrades. So since moving to NetBackup it has proved fruitful and worth the cost also for my career. We have achieved those SLAs on most of occasions, did restores, and saved the customer in complete disaster of servers.

Just a year back we had a major addition in our client IT infrastructure. At that time, backup was added to all financial systems; technical options were evaluated by both the customer and IT service company. Netbackup was the main contender amongst Networke* ,commvaul* etc but still cost was proving high as those sites were not the main locations which we were supporting. All six of them were in different parts of Europe had only 4-5 systems to backup; but large amounts of data were supposed to be handled for file servers, exchange server and SQL server . In addition, a small set up means work would have to be handled by non-IT staff.

As all the servers which commissioned in the IT infrastructure were Windows OS-based, the final decision was to install BACKUP EXEC as we were using earlier versions of it successfully. During installation, the downtime which we faced was related to network card interface and was rectified in just 2 days (it was done by highly experienced persons of IT sector). We were ahead of time in taking the customer backups even before the schedule date.

It was quite a good experience so far in using Backup Exec 12 for Windows Small Business Server and delivering the goods to customer.

Reasons We Opted for Backup Exec:
-- Satisfied with earlier versions like 8.6 (trust me on this not even a single problem we have faced with this version)
-- Simple and easy to use ,can easily be configured in terms of various things either slot partitioning, media pools (scratch, retired media, etc)
-- Supports latest available media standards in market.
-- Best known data protection software for windows platform in Windows Small Business Server segment.
-- Cost effective scores over others in support ,technotes and Symantec Connect (I think Symantec has largest community of users)