Backup & Recovery

George Winter, our resident VMware guru, recently revised one of his best practices guides for backing up VMware with NetBackup. If you've got VMware, this is a highly recommended read that frames the argument in terms of good ways, better ways, best ways to backup your environment.


Here is the most recent version of the Whitepaper. Check it out!

Thanks for this interesting document dedicated to VMware.
Really interesting the part with hint , tips and best pratices.
George is the best as always.
Does anyone know if George has written anything on NetBackup 6.5.4 and VMware 4.0?

Looking for more tips and trick using vStorage for backups, virtual master servers and virtual media servers in a VMWare environment.

would someone update me, how can i link VCB to the Media Server or .. like my snapshots are giving errors 156, 223

kindly look in to that forum

Hi All,

Are you aware of any updated version of this vmware best practices guide?

Thanks a lot.