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In order to ensure what version of RALUS (remote agent for linux servers) is currently installed on Linux server run the following command:

cat /var/VRTSralus/ralus.ver

The result of the command will show the RALUS version in the first line in the following format:


where "XYZ" are the characters (numbers and letters) separated by dots (for example: 5204.2.SP2)


Compare then the version displayed with the following table (the order of the fixes/versions is from the oldest to the newest):

RALUS version Backup Exec version, service pack and hotfix
5204.4 2010 R3
5204.2.SP2 2010 R3 SP2
5204.125.180429 2010 R3 SP2 HF180429
5204.127.191248 2010 R3 SP2 HF191248
5204.128.194471 2010 R3 SP2 HF194471
5204.1225.SP3 2010 R3 SP3
5204.1270.SP4 2010 R3 SP4
5204.212812 2010 R3 SP4 HF212812


If the RALUS version is not the newest one or it does not correspond to the Backup Exec Media Server version, the missing hotfixes should be installed (with the order from the oldest to the newest).

The service pack or hotfix installation procedure can be found here: Backup Exec for Windows Servers hotfix and service pack installation guide.

Refer to the following document to check what service packs and hotfixes were released for Backup Exec 2010 R3 version:


Updated with sp3 information.

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