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Businesses need to protect a broad range of information, generated in a plethora of ways, through multiple applications used by billions of individuals around the world. Organisations not only need to protect their information and IT infrastructure, but need to be aware of how the infrastructure facilitates the sharing and use of the information used by the organisation between, not just connections among colleagues, but linking businesses, from businesses to consumers, as well as between consumers themselves. In other words, all the collaborative environments, and the movement of data while in use.

Accessing work information out of hours, compulsively checking emails, texts and social media and hoarding endless emails and multiple versions of the same file are all symptoms of information overload experienced by those Symantec surveyed. But the technology enabling us to be more productive (fantastic mobile devices and faster connectivity) together with the mismanagement of information is actually counter-productive.

As a consequence organisations need to save a plethora of diverse data types on file serves – as well as access it.

The Technical Services team for Backup and Recovery have produced a number of documents we call "Blueprints".

These Blueprints are designed to show backup and recovery challenges around specific technologies or functions and how Backup Exec solves these challenges.

Each Blueprint consists of:

  • Pain Points: What challenges customers face
  • Whiteboard: Shows how Backup Exec solves the customer challenges
  • Recommended Configuration: Shows recommended installation
  • Do’s: Gives detailed configurations suggested by Symantec
  • Don'ts: What configurations & pitfalls customers should avoid
  • Advantages: Summarizes the Backup Exec advantages

Backup Exec Agent for Windows

The Backup Exec Agent for Windows enables remote Windows servers to be backed up by Backup Exec and provides Open File protection and Simplified Disaster Recovery.

The Agent expands network-wide data protection and optimizes data transfers for 32-bit and 64-bit remote Windows servers. Exclusive Agent Accelerator technology helps optimize backup and recovery performance by providing source-level compression and distributed processing at the client.

Open files are protected with the Advanced Open File capability built into the Agent for Windows.  This capability integrated with VSS to protect open files in multiple volumes and ensures files on local or remote servers are protected while in use.

The Simplified Disaster Recovery feature saves time by automating the traditional manual, error-prone process of system recovery. This bare-metal, hardware independent disaster recovery solution, quickly recovers downed servers, enabling restoration to the same hardware or to dissimilar hardware.

With four powerful technologies wrapped into one agent, users truly have complete data and system protection for every remote Windows server.

You can use this Blueprint to better understand the Agent for Windows - please download from the link below.