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The Technical Services team for Backup and Recovery have produced a number of documents we call "Blueprints".

These Blueprints are designed to show backup and recovery challenges around specific technologies or functions and how Backup Exec solves these challenges.

Each Blueprint consists of:

  • Pain Points: What challenges customers face
  • Whiteboard: Shows how Backup Exec solves the customer challenges
  • Recommended Configuration: Shows recommended installation
  • Do’s: Gives detailed configurations suggested by Symantec
  • Don'ts: What configurations & pitfalls customers should avoid
  • Advantages: Summarizes the Backup Exec advantages

The Need for Backup Solutions Designed for Microsoft SQL Server

Administrators responsible for the backup and recovery of SQL environments understand the challenges associated with backup technologies that are not specifically designed to protect SQL Servers. A modern and reliable backup and recovery strategy for Microsoft SQL Server provides an essential safeguard to help protect critical data that is stored in SQL Server databases.

There are three main objectives of performing SQL backups:

  1. Enable the recovery of lost data in the event of a disaster
  2. Minimize the amount of data lost as the result of a disaster
  3. Minimize the downtime cost of a SQL infrastructure being offline

Administrators may be tempted to use the built-in SQL Server backup feature as their only method for protecting their SQL infrastructure. The built-in backup component is readily accessible and inexpensive. However, there are key limitations of the built-in SQL backup feature that make this a dangerous approach. It only backs up the SQL databases and not the entire server.

The Agent for Applications and Databases includes features and capabilities designed specifically to protect SQL environments and solve each of the problems listed above. The Agent for Applications and Databases enables network administrators to perform proper and intelligent backup and restore operations on installations of SQL that are connected to a network. Backup Exec™ 2014 incorporates online, non-disruptive SQL database protection as part of everyday backup routines, which increases the chance of data recovery and minimizes data loss without inhibiting daily database activity.

The Agent for Applications and Databases performs SQL database backups that can be integrated with network backups without separate administration or dedicated hardware. When using the Agent for Application and Databases to protect Microsoft SQL Server, administrators have the flexibility of the following capabilities:

  • Database, transaction log, and differential backups, as well as database recovery and replacement
  • Recovery of SQL databases to alternate locations
  • During backup, copies of SQL databases can be stored to a local directory for later use
  • Backups of multiple SQL instances
  • Enabling a standby database to be brought online in the event of a disaster
  • Database Consistency Checks (DBCC) for each backup and restore job
  • Recovery of transaction logs to a specific point in time or to a named transaction
  • Database snapshots

You can download the full Blueprint from the link below.


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