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The Technical Services team for Backup and Recovery have produced a number of documents we call "Blueprints".

These Blueprints are designed to show backup and recovery challenges around specific technologies or functions and how Backup Exec solves these challenges.

Each Blueprint consists of:

  • Pain Points: What challenges customers face
  • Whiteboard: Shows how Backup Exec solves the customer challenges
  • Recommended Configuration: Shows recommended installation
  • Do’s: Gives detailed configurations suggested by Symantec
  • Don'ts: What configurations & pitfalls customers should avoid
  • Advantages: Summarizes the Backup Exec advantages

Small businesses are generally comprised of three servers or less, they are predominantly Windows or Windows SBS, but still have the presence of Critical Applications, such as Exchange and SQL. Quite surprisingly there is usually a high adoption rate of virtualization, sometimes these environments are entirely virtualized, but with a comparatively basic topology and infrastructure. Smaller infrastructures need simplicity. It’s not core to the business so need a comparatively simple backup and recovery processes but something that can deal with backup policies that include local and offsite protection.

Backup Exec Small Business Edition: Simplified By Design

  • Does not include deduplication
  • Does not include support for direct-to-tape backup
  • Does not include VMware VADP support
  • SBE can be installed on any Windows server that is supported by Backup Exec
  • Limited to protecting five servers or less in a given environment

Looking for Advanced Features? Try Backup Exec “Standard”

  • Larger environments (beyond 3 servers) should consider Backup Exec
  • Includes advanced functionality and scalability components
  • VMware VADP integration, data deduplication are prime examples
  • Multiple licensing choices including V-Ray Edition, Capacity Licensing, BE 3600 Appliance, and others

You can download the full Blueprint from the link below.