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I came across many customers who asked us if BE supports AWS s3, glad we had certified support to it. 

they requested us for demo. Seeing video i found its   hardly few mins step pretty simple eh!!!


So what's needed to get BE and AWS S3 configured following are list and few tech articles which has steps outlined in detail as well. 

BE Media Server

BE Media server  (prefer 15 FP3, if not better get it upgraded to atleast 15 FP1 with updated cloudprovider.xml and

Ensure BE server system time matches its regional zone

Ensure Firewall has allowed 80/443 port to amazon S3 dynamic ip ranges 

(yes you read correct, S3  being spread across multiple amazon datacenter across globe, one doesn't know where actually is his data served now. S3 thus uses dynamic IP range)

Although you can refer below AWS article to restrict S3 related traffic to specific IP unless your firewall guy is happy to allow outbound to any ip :)


Check whether you able to access website from BE server ....(not for shopping  ;) 



Amazon Web Services

AWS account (free tier will do for a test bed)

Create S3 Bucket  (Follow naming convention)

Create folder inside bucket

Create User, Group and policy (Policy is optional, skip creating policy and check if configuration works, if it doesn't refer attached sample of policy

Get access key and secret key from user created

Add user into group and attach policy (if created and needed be) to group


BE Media Server

Follow configure storage procedure outlined in following article

(Server name has to be "")

Create new credentials and add access key and secret key as username and password (account can be restricted)

Proceed... It should go well without any issue


If it doesn't fly,,,, go to aws web portal in IAM sectionn and create custom policy (Refer attachement and replace 15be with bucketname and be15 with BE server name)


Hope this helps for newbies......

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