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The Technical Services team for Backup and Recovery have produced a number of documents we call "Blueprints".

These Blueprints are designed to show backup and recovery challenges around specific technologies or functions and how Backup Exec solves these challenges.

Each Blueprint consists of:

  • Pain Points: What challenges customers face
  • Whiteboard: Shows how Backup Exec solves the customer challenges
  • Recommended Configuration: Shows recommended installation
  • Do’s: Gives detailed configurations suggested by Symantec
  • Don'ts: What configurations & pitfalls customers should avoid
  • Advantages: Summarizes the Backup Exec advantages

The need for reliable backup implementations is clear, we are faced with several challenges:

  • Massive Amounts of Critical Data
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Tight IT Control Procedures
  • Security Implications (including offsite copies of data)
  • Accessibility Needs (data loss or audit events)

Many Organizations Backup Directly to Tape Media (D2T), Backup software dumps data to a tape device, Backups run on a periodic schedule based on the critical-nature of protected data, Tapes Stored in a Secure, Controlled (Usually Offsite) Location: problem, D2T Processes Not Optimized for Disaster Recovery.

  • D2T Backup Strategies Susceptible to Tape Failure: Media errors, physical damage or loss, corrupt indices, among others causes
  • Additional D2T Limitations Include:
    • Backups that span multiple tapes require personnel to be present during restores
    • Restores from tape backup sets may fail causing data loss
    • Reliability of large backups can be compromised by one bad tape, which renders all tapes in the batch useless
    • Large RTO and RPO challenges associated with tape backups and restores
  • First Disk, Then Tape
    • Data initially copies to a disk storage system and then periodically copies to tape
    • Enables fast backups and fast restores (disk is fast)
    • Data archives (copies) to tape on administrator’s schedule
  • Improved Offsite Disaster Recovery Protection
    • Enables compliance with regulatory policies for long-term data retention
    • Relatively inexpensive

You can use this Blueprint to better understand Backup Exec's deduplication technologies and the Deduplication Option - please download from the link below.