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To everyone who has been bold enough to embark in using the wonderful time saving product that is Backup Reporter, I salute you.

This article goes out to those individuals who are brave and do not step back in times of adversity, those of us who have implemented Backup Reporter know what we are talking about here.
The installation procedures for this product, however large and integral to proceedings, do not mention some of the known bugs with the features of the application which of course create added complications to the novice administrators out there.

So what better than a few hints and tips to help out the masses.

Hint 1 - Low Maintenance Installation

1) Do not install View Builder on any other server than the server housing the VBRServer, as this complicates the maintenance and can corrupt your database.

Hint 2 - Maintaining a full list of servers 

1)      Install VBR & View builder
2)      Create a single view called ‘all_servers’
3)      Add all discovered servers to the view
4)      Enable 'Breakup Jobs'
5)      Poll the Data collectors
6)      Run Full Backups on all systems
7)      Create other views
8)      Add servers into views
9)      Perform ‘Place Unassigned File Systems’
10)     Create your reports

Hint 3 - When a server has had a new volume or a new file-system added

1)      Delete the server(s) in question from all views
2)      Click ‘Display Unassigned Objects’ button
3)      Check for the new volume, if it is there, add the server back into the views and ‘place unassigned file-systems’
4)      If the volume is not there, run a poll and then add it back into the views
5)      Then re-run and save your reports

Hint 4 - Take Care Updating Server Objects

Please take care when updating server object information using the 'View'  feature.
You can update and save information regarding attributes already associated with a seleceted host by doing the following:

1)Click 'View' from the main menu
2) Select a host and using the drop down on the far right corner to select 'Edit Attributes' and clicking the green arrow.
3) The attributes page loads, but after a fresh install of VBR 6.60, edit the attributes

(PLEASE NOTE: The server will automatically select 'AIX' as an operating system. The reason for this bug is unknown, but it thought to be connected to the case of the first letter of the correct operating system. For instance, 'Windows' is shown as 'windows' and Linux is shown as 'linux'. The Software re-selects the operating system using AIX, as the first in the list with a Capital letter at the beginning, so please do not click save before altering the Operating System to the correct one. It will only need to be altered once).

4) Click 'Save' See note above for the huge tip!!

Hint 5 - Fixing the 'Recovery Point By Client' Generic Report

There are known issues with the sample report provided with the VBR system. When you have created some backup data and reports are being used, you check the sample report and it shows that your backups have not run on certain systems for more than 3000 hours, you start to worry. Correct?

However, follow these steps to save a report which gives you a better view of the estate:
1) From 'My Backup Reports' select 'Recovery Point by Client' Report and see that it is showing incorrect information.
2) Click the 'Edit' button
3) Change the report to the following:
Report Grouping
Report on: Job Client
Within View: None
Rank By       
Report Data: Minimum 
Chart Type: Bar
Display Unit: Days
Top: 10 Decending

Time Frame
Time Basis: No Timebasis
4) Click 'Run'
5) Click 'Save As' and save the report in a new location. Once you are happy with the results (which I am sure you will be, as it shows the amount of days since a last successful backup now, which is what you thought it was supposed to

This and many other hints and tips will be posted as updates to this article, should it get past review.

Lets all start using Backup Reporter, as it really does do what it says on the tin!! 

Thanks for reading!

Trevor Jackson