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In Part 1 of this TechTip, we discussed the importance of regular backups and we also looked at the differences between a base backup and an incremental backup. In Part 2, we will talk about how to schedule both types of backups.

When you schedule a backup with Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.0, a new base backup is created every week by default. But you can change this default to schedule chains of incremental backups in between base backups according to your workflow and backup requirements. You can choose how often you want to create a new base backup—weekly, monthly, quarterly, or once a year. The Define Backup Wizard window is where you’ll specify how often to perform base and incremental backups.

The top of the wizard window shows a schedule where you choose the time and day of the week for a new incremental backup to take place. Click Schedule, and then check the boxes to indicate which days you want a new incremental backup created. You can choose more than one per day and can also specify how long to wait between backups. This schedule creates a set of incremental recovery points.

If you select Quarterly or Yearly backups from the drop-down list, full-volume recovery points (base backups) will be created according to the date of your initial base backup. But if you select Weekly or Monthly from the drop-down list, you can then click the Custom button to create a base backup on a weekly or monthly schedule.

In the screen shot below, the Custom Weekly window shows how you can specify the time and day for the base backup to occur every week:

This screen shot shows how the Custom Monthly window lets you specify the time and day of the month for the base backup to occur once a month:

Every periodic backup operation creates a base backup, but scheduling incremental backups in addition to the base gives you a set of recovery points to choose from. With the incremental backup features of Backup Exec System Recovery 8.0, you can create a set of quick snapshots of your server in between creating each full-volume backup. Incremental backups allow you to maintain the most up-to-date backups of your Windows systems, because they take less time and require much less space than full-volume backups.

For more information about scheduling base and incremental backups, see Part 1 of this TechTip.