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Sections in this document
  1. Preface
  2. Review Product Release Notes
  3. Document your current environment
  4. Review prerequisites
  5. Install prerequisites
  6. Backup your existing environment
  7. Validate backups are good
  8. Upgrading to Enterprise Vault 7
  9. UAT (User Acceptance Testing) of new version
  10. Backup new Enterprise Vault Environment
  11. Release to production / users
  12. Upgrading Enterprise Vault 7 to Enterprise Vault 2007
  13. Upgrading Enterprise Vault 2007 to Enterprise Vault 8.0

Target Audience
This document presumes that the reader has had Symantec Enterprise Vault training and possesses a thorough understanding of their architecture and operational aspects of their Enterprise Vault  environment. In addition, having a good understanding of your Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Storage infrastructure, Microsoft Active Directory will assist with terms and concepts discussed in this Best Practice paper.

This paper is produced by the Enterprise Vault TPM (Technical Product Management) group. In addition this paper combines and presents in one format many years of technical discussions in the wider  Enterprise Vault community to present all needed information in one formal document.

Please download PDF to read the complete article.
Excellent document. Thanks for collecting all data.