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NetBackup provides a complete,flexible data protection solution for a variety of platforms.Opscenter is the monitoring tool for the Netbackup Environment. Symantec Opscenter does not requires a license (Sym opscenter analytics is a licensed one). By using Symantec Opscenter, you can track the effectiveness of backup and archive operations by generating comprehensive reports. Reports are generated as per user requirement by creating or customizing the policy. Opscenter is best suited for mail alert to users or customers regarding the backup status. Apart from Monitoring, Opscenter helps us to perform the utilization and capacity analysis.

Opscenter collects data from Netbackup Server and store it for reporting or analyzing. Data collected from master server is more important to get better utilization of Opscenter Monitoring tool. Based on our environment requirement, the data collected by opscenter can be backed up. The data backup can be restored, in case of any outage like System crash, Risk of Maintenance activity( mainly Patch upgrade  ), Migrating Opscenter from old OS version to New OS version etc.,.

Steps to backup Opscenter DB:

File system backup is not enough for Opscenter,It is suggested to take hot online backups.Opscenter Provide a script to perform the same. By using the script data can be stored in some different destination location in the server,and policy backup can be configured to backup the destination data. Script is located in the below path.
Windows: <INSTALL_PATH>\OpsCenter\server\bin\dbbackup.bat
Unix: /opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/
Command usage:
WINDOWS -  <INSTALL_PATH>\OpsCenter\server\bin\dbbackup.bat “<DESTINATION_PATH>”
UNIX - /opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/  /my_db_backup_dir
Script can be automated using Task Scheduler or cron tab based on the Opscenter Operating System. Destination folder data can be backed up to tape, by normal policy backup, in order to meet the Business Continuity during complete system outage.

Steps to restore the Opscenter DB.

During an outage of Opscenter, the backup can be restored and the system made available to production.
The Restoration operation automatically stops the database, restores the backup database files, and restarts the database. The dbbackup script overwrites existing database (db) file.
 1.   Install New OS
2. Perform fresh installation of the Opscenter in the New OS.
3. Copy the Data to some destination location.
4. Call the dbbackup script to restore it to the Opscenter DB.

To restore the backed up database perform the below command based on the OS platform

INSTALL_PATH\OpsCenter\server\bin\dbbackup.bat <backupDir> -restore <restoreDir>
/opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/bin/ <backupDir> -restore <restoreDir>
where backupDir is the directory where the backed up database resides, and <restoreDir> is the location of the current OpsCenter database.
restoreDir is optional.If not used, the dbbackup script restores to the default database directory:
Windows  INSTALL_PATH\OpsCenter\server\db\data
UNIX     /opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/db/data

Please find the below document for the backup and restore snap.