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Community Insights

Community Managers are employed by Symantec to moderate the communities within Symantec Connect. The managers review and publish all content, award points, and moderate the community forums. You can contact the community managers using the information below:

Security Community
Community Manager: Rebecca Donaldson
Covering the following products:

  • Brightmail Gateway
  • Brightmail Message Filter
  • Control Compliance Suite
  • Critical System Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention (Vontu)
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Endpoint Protection (AntiVirus)
  • Endpoint Protection Small Business
  • Enterprise Security Manager
  • Hosted Mail Security
  • IM Manager
  • Mail Security for Exchange/Domino
  • Mobile Security
  • Network Access Control
  • Security Information Manager
  • SecurityExpressions
  • Web Gateway

Endpoint Management and Endpoint Virtualization Communities
Cheryl Peterson
Username: CherylPeterson
Covering the following products:

  • Altiris Client Management Suite
  • Altiris Deployment Solution
  • Altiris IT Asset Management
  • Altiris Notification Server
  • Altiris Recovery Solution
  • Altiris Server Management Suite
  • Dell Management Products
  • Ghost Solution Suite
  • Helpdesk Solution
  • HP Management Products
  • pcAnywhere
  • ServiceDesk
  • Wise Application Packaging
  • Wise Installation Development
  • Workflow Solution
  • Workspace Profiles
  • Workspace Streaming
  • Workspace Virtualization

Partner Community
Amy Johnson
Username: AL Johnson

Inside Symantec Community, Vision Community and Trusted Advisor Program
Leslie Miller
Username: LeslieMiller

What kind of topics we can interect with them directly, as opposed to the comments/remarks availalbe/posted on various forums.

Some nice information for community managers.
Hi Tejas,

We all really appreciate getting feedback from you in the community about what's working for you, suggestions for new features, ideas for new programs, as well as hearing about any issues that you've encountered or areas for improvement. We all track the forums, so feel free to post in the appropriate forum area, or we're all available through Connect using the Private Message feature, or using email addresses listed above.

Look forward to hearing from you.

In about 8 weeks of interaction on the Symantec connects, one thing I can say loudly is, this is hte great place to be in.

It takes a while to get comfortable with the structure of the forum. However, it does solves lot of small concerns and issues.

Keep up the egood work.

I agree. A colleague of mine got me hooked on this forum. It keeps the whole community connected with learnings from each other. I also would like to make the forum structure simpler like a PHB BB forum structure.It just is very simple to use that...Maybe you should consider changing formats 
This only shows that the forum admins meant it well in helping us.
I am learning at the same time helping others on what i had learned.
many thanks.

Nel Ramos 
I've seen you guys quite often in the SEP community, and enjoy communicating with you via PM and on the boards. Let your colleagues and industry friends know about Connect!

Interact with us on any topic like Kimberley mentioned (most of us sit next to each other).  If you have suggestions for videos, knowledge base (KB) articles, etc., let us know.  We all work with our respective internal product management and marketing teams to create content for the communities, so getting input from you is welcome!


You should post videos on how to configure firewall and how to block devices and application.
also  post video on disater recovery.
Hi @Bijay.Swain,

Thanks for the video suggestions, much appreciated! We do have one that's available on disaster recovery that was just released recently:
Configuration Drift? No Problem... Symantec Introduces Veritas CommandCentral Disaster Recovery Advi...

You many also want to check out both the Storage and Clustering & Availability communities, as we have a number of recent articles and blog posts on the subject.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Kimberley,
I know that you have paid materials and videos for the training on SEP admin.
but do you have some freebies that we could watch and read on training?
that is until we get the go signal from our bosses on a symantec training.
The community is good that is why my interest in Symantec increased by 3 folds.

Many thanks.
i also agree with u sir

i just now migrated from some other AV programme to SYMANTEC so was having some smal small issue for which i was looking for last 4-5 week
but after joinning the community thats all got solved in week ...
this is very forum & very active tooo
Hello, you must correct your page
the username links are like:
    this is providing now
    Error: Page Not Found
and should be: Best regards, and thanks a lot for all the great (and such unknown) mass work you do for us ;)
Thanks for pointing that out Pascal - maybe that's why hardly anyone ever PMs us! I've fixed those links! You can use the links in the original post to reach our user profiles to contact us!

Thanks for not busting on me for using Rogue as my avatar instead of an actual photo! Come on Leslie!!! Avatar up!


It is just because I hate "error links" - sorry for that - My best also Eric ;)
Thanks for the heads-up on the error links, Pascal. Much appreciated.

Nel Ramos, all of the communities on Symantec Connect have free videos, some with more in-depth training provided by Symantec development teams (check the Storage community, where the development team has been putting together a whole bunch of short screencast demos), some with more community-generated content (Endpoint Management has loads of user-generated demos).  Feedback on what videos would be most useful to you, and in what format, would be great, as we focus our energies on this going forward.

Kimberley (who is relieved to have an avatar, no pressure Leslie ;)
@Kimberley: Thanks for the info...
I had watch them all and gave a good rating (vote)...
hope we could get more specifically on SEPM...
thanks team...
Cheryl the Rogue picture is close enough! :D

BTW...yay for smilies! haha
Connect Team,

This article is no doubt an informative article. At the same time I have one concern for having the email addresses directly in the mailto: format. I admit that they are addresses and your Brightmail Gateway can take care of spam attacks. Nevertheless a little precaution can save some efforts for the server too.

Instead of having direct mailto: patterns which spammers' robots take and replenish their spam catalogs can you have a MailHide for Captcha or more simply expanded non-hyperlinked patterns like

webmaster (at) symantec dot com

That would ensure spammers' robots can not directly feed on the addresses right?

We have quite a few now, take a look in the Security/Video area for specifics :)  Over the last 3-4 months, we've had a concerted effort to develop videos that the users have requested.  We've created over 25 in the last 4 months for you!