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Earlier this year after meeting with various partners and reviewing our documentation resources, one idea that was put forward was about being able to quickly review the various updates in a given release. For example, wouldn't it be great to have an index view across all the V9 updates.htm files and be able to see which fix/features were introduced when.

The attached ZIP file contains an update file for each release from EV9.0.1 through to EV9.0.4 with a master index file called updates_all_9.htm. If you unzip them all into the same folder, you can open up updates_all and then quickly review all the changes across all versions and then quickly go to the relevent updates.htm for more detail.

Currently - this is just an idea our documentation guys are developing and we're not quite sure how useful you will find it.However, we would like to hear your feedback so please download and peruse the files and see what you think. If we get enough positive feedback on this then perhaps we can extend this concept out to other versions and perhaps make it part of the standard documentation set.

Happy to take your comments on this post or you can provide direct feedback to

To make feedback even easier - you can just vote in our poll to let us know if it's a good or bad idea.