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In Microsoft Outlook you can create a Search Folder that will display items regardless of folders that meet certain criteria. These criteria can be whether the items are read, above a certain size, whether they have been flagged for follow up etc.

This example will show how to create a search folder that will display items that have recently been archived by Enterprise Vault and turned in to a shortcut. This is useful for users with large mailboxes who are unsure what email has archived in the last nights run.

From the Enterprise Vault support teams perspective this is useful to show that archiving is working correctly.

Please note that this is an idea that was submitted several months back by Rob Wilcox
If you like this idea and think it would be a good addition to the Desktop Policies and the client, please go to the following URL and give it an upvote.

The steps listed below are the exact same for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010


1. Open up Microsoft Outlook
2. In the Folders list to the left, right click “Search Folders” and click “New Search Folder


3. In the list of the Categories, scroll down to and select “Create a Custom Search Folder

4. Press the “Choose” Button
5. Give the folder a name such as “New Archived Items” and then press the “Criteria” button


6. In the “Search Folder Criteria” dialog box, for “Time” choose “Modified” and select “Today

7. Click the “Advanced” tab

8. Click the “Field” button, then select “All Mail Fields” then select “Message Class


9. Choose “Contains” and for “Value” enter “EnterpriseVault

10. Press “Add To List” and then press OK on several dialogs
11. You should now be able to see items displayed that have recently been archived