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 1. Create a new Role  with  “SMI Operations” privileges


       User ->Roles – Click on Add

           > Add Role Window displays

       Give a name and description to new Role - example Role “SMI Operations” to be designed as a Role for SMI-S Agent Operations.

           > Available Privileges Table -> Select “SAN – SMIA Operations” and add it to “Read Only” section


 2. After a new Read-Only SMIA Operation Role is created, make sure the new Role is listed in Roles Window and make sure AOR window says “All Fabrics”.



   Notice that Different fabrics can be assigned to different users and roles.

    As an example you can assign one fabric to one user, another fabric to another user etc.

   Note: If an Administrator wishes to discover ALL fabrics managed by this Network Advisor, then “All Fabrics” needs to be assigned to this newly created Role.


Create a New User and assign New SMIA Operations Role to this User:

    Click on Add in Users Window:

         > Provide User Name, Password and Description

      In this example credentials are: ccs\password and we will use them later in the configuration under CommandCentral Storage (CCS) device creation

         > From “Available Roles / AOR” Window select:

              > “All Fabrics” and add it to AOR section  in “Selected Roles / AOR” Window

              > “SMI Operations” Role previously created and add it to Roles section in Selected Roles / AOR” Window



 4. Click OK then Close

 5. Test new “ccs “ user by logging into Network Advisor GUI with ccs account.

Note: All management functions should be grayed out (disabled) for ccs user.

For example ccs user cannot do any Zoning operations etc.

Here is an example when logged into the NA with ccs account now: Notice Discovery, Zoning and all other Management features are grayed out (disabled).

6. The Storage Administrator will use these credentials to create a connection when configuring the CCS explorer to discover the device.


7.      Navigate to the devices page where  the functionality of adding a device resides:

Settings Summary  »   Configured Devices  

8.      Configure a new device by selecting Go

9.      In the popup box, choose the device type and vendor, then click Next:

10.  Enter the required information correctly and click on Next:

11.  With the verify button the credentials will be confirmed when Next is clicked:

Note: a successful status is required to complete the configuration and clicking Finish will return back to the application.

Note: there is a time out value and too great of a delay will result in being logged out and require re-authentication and repetition of the above configuration steps.

12.  Once configuration is completed there will be a requirement to allow full discover to complete which can take some time but will show the device and explorer in Normal condition.

13.  The application will then be populated with the  data and the tabs for access to the data show on the device overview page:

14.  The storage administrator can now generate CCS reports, use the Brocade and fabric data in managing the storage environment.

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