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The Risk Dossier displays visualizations that provide more insight into the factors that contribute to a user’s risk score and expands Data Insight’s risk analysis capabilities. The Risk Dossier helps you investigate reasons for a spike in the risk score and helps to protect against potentially malicious users or data leakage.

 The User Risk Dossier provides the following visualizations:

  •  Displays the historical trend of the risk score.
  • Shows the breakup of a user's risk score on a date selected in the Risk History graph, with details of the individual scores of the different factors that constitute the risk score (Access, Anomaly, and Alerts).
  • Provides actionable drill down into risk score components to help you analyze how risky a user is.
  • Reports on the granular usage deviations of risky users.

 About the User Risk Dossier

Assessing risky users - an example scenario


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