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Data Insight provides a central reporting and auditing view for remediation workflows. The single view provides custodians an audit trail of the responses submitted from the Self-Service Portal for paths across all workflow types. The single audit view provides the enables you to do the following:

  • Review the historical information about custodian response on workflow paths and any related automated actions on these paths submitted from the Self-Service Portal.
  • Use advanced filters to search for custodian and system audit information.
  • Email or export audit records for reporting or integrating with external tools.
  • Purge historical records as per the configured duration.

 See Auditing workflow paths.

The Workflows > Audit view also provides the ability to initiate the following remediation actions on workflow paths:

  • Archiving: You can explicitly archive workflow paths that are part of a Records Classification workflow to help you reclaim storage, comply with your organization’s data retention policies, and make content available for e-discovery.
    Archiving workflow paths using Enterprise Vault
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