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Level 5

DLO supports source side deduplication, where in data will be processed and check for duplicates from the source side. Hence key benefits of deduplication in DLO are as follows:

  • Storage space consumption reduces.
  • Efficient utilization of network bandwidth.

Deduplication of files in DLO

Intelligent deduplication of Files

When files are added to the backup selection and are seen in the backup endpoint for the very first time, the entire file will be deduped i.e. the very first backup revision of the file will be deduped. Now, when we make changes to the file and the file is seen changing in a specific end point, then the backup modality automatically switches to “delta mode” from “dedupe mode” for that file. This means that the delta will be applied from second revision of the backup file on a particular computer. As a part of file dedupe, the following is applied:

  • If the file content is unique, it is written to the DSL with necessary information in the Dedupe Server.
  • Metadata having pointers to DSL are written to the backup file that is stored in NUDF.

Content  Aware Deduplication of PST

Psts are deduped using global single instancing of the Attachments. As a part of PST dedupe, the following design is applied:

  • If the attachment content is unique, it is written to DSL with the necessary information.
  • Metadata having pointers to DSL are written to the attachment place holders.
  • PST files with attachment place holders will be backed up to NUDF using delta technique.
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