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 You may observe that you are not able to delete backup jobs in Backup Exec 2012. As shown in the screenshot below the DELETE option will be shown and grayed out.

This is due to the fact that the view that is selected on top is LIST view which will not allow to delete the jobs.

To delete any job change the view to TREE view and then right click on the job and observe that the “Delete” option is available as shown and screenshot below. If the delete option still shows as grayed out then refresh the GUI or close and reopen it once.


Also please note that even in TREE view you cannot delete the individual stages but will have to delete the entire backup. To delete the individual stages you will have to Edit the job and remove the individual stage.


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Whether the Backup job in 1st Image is Running / Queued State.

Backup Type is Different ?

The backup job in the first screenshot is not running/queued. Its a one time backup job type which is already ran before. You can observe that with TREE and LIST view the icons of the backup jobs also change.




...should this not be in a blog? Not nit-picking...

Hi Sush,

I didn't understand in List view you can't delete and in Tree View you can delete.



In Netbackup, We can find some jobs will be showing as "Waiting for Retry". But this backup's wont run.

Some jobs can be viewed, but there wont be any job details.


Like the same, I think Backup Exec also having some issues like above in a different way.


This can be posted as a Idea / Can be taken to Developers view, Which can be modified in future releases or patches.

I also have this issue, but in my case, the Tree and LIst View options are also greyed-out so I don't have the option to delete the job. If this occurs, don't bother calling support as this is an unresolved issue that will be fixed down the road.

This post has answered a problem that I was having, but begs the question: WHY?

Like many things in the new 2012 version, it is a rediculous restriction.  In the old versions, I could right-click and delete.  Simple.  Now I have to change views to do it.  Yet another retrograde step.  For goodness sake, design the interface with what we need to do in mind.  Allow the delete in either view - and provide the functionality quickly, not in three years time.

...if you have checked the forums, Symantec have, or ARE, opening up the Beta for BE 2012 R2. You might want to hop onto that to check out the changes being made.


Forced into the tree, thanks.

I really don't like this new interface.  It is so cumbersome I am hoping to talk managment into downgrading for improved functionality! 

nice i got the detail what i required.

thank you

Wow - I would never have thought that the "Veiw" would turn off/on functionality.

Still waiting for the "Single Job - for Multiple Servers"



Hello Michael, 

     We are listening and we are coming with the "Single Job - Multiple Servers" option in BE 2012 R2. Here is the abstract from the official annoucement of Beta program for the same.

 The Beta version includes the functionality you’ve been asking for - media server support for Windows Server 2012, the jobs view and the ability to assign multiple servers to a single backup job. You can learn more about what’s included in the Beta and sign up for it on our official registration page -


So if you have not applied for Beta yet then follow this link: