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Hi Folks,

let me talk about a Problem I have found at a Customer Site.
What this Customer see, is that the BE GUI is slowing down and BE Services also starting slow.
If for example changing Job Properties Devices, the respond is very slow.
There is a knwon Issue if there are to mutch Job Logs, Alerts or so, then the GUI is slowing down.

I found that the Database (bedb_dat.mdf) has grown from 80MB to 400MB in only 2 Weeks.
At the End of the Day we see that we have about 1,5 Million Alerts in the Database.
Here are some Tips and Pitfalls if you have the same Problem:
- The GUI is only able to show 65535 Alerts, if you acknowledge or delete this Events the next Block of 65535 Alerts will come down from the Database to the GUI after a while.
- You have first to acknowledge the "Active Alerts" with OK and then to delete this Alerts in "Alert History".
- To select such amount of Alerts use CTRL-A, but the GUI will freeze up to 15min.
   (In my case it is an older Secondary SSO Server, may be faster on your Server or if you have a local Database)
  Do not Kill the GUI it come back after several Minutes.
- Be carefull, do not click "Resond" here, doing this you have to acknowledge every single Alert, and there is no Way out!
  (Only Killing the GUI is a Way to leave it.)
  Click to "Resond OK".
- To speed Up the acknowledge with OK you can use this Commandline: ..Symantec\Backup Exec\bemcmd.exe -o46 -a -rOK
- To delete the "Alert History" I did not find a becmd Command, you have to use CTRL-A, wait, delete and wait.....
- Do not use "Tools > Options > Database Maintenance > Delete Aged Data" to delete this entrys, because the "Alert History" is minimum 1 Day (this is Yesterday) and it will only delete 10.000 Alerts at every Run.
- After deleting 1-3 Blocks of 65535 Alerts, use "Tools > Options > Database Maintenance > Optimize Database Size" and set the Time to 1-2 Minutes forward.
  This will shrink your Database.
  Do this on the Primary Backup Server if you have an SSO or CASO Environment, it does not work on the Secondary.
- May be to do the Database Shrink several times, in my case at every run the DB shinks about 50MB only.
  Repeat this until you see no major reduction.
- To reload the next Block of 65535 Alerts you have to select an other Tab (for example select Media) and switch to Alerts back, now wait for loading.
- If finished all, I think it is a Good Idea to do an extensive database repair and cleanup of the Backup Exec database.
My Version: BackupExec 12.5 SP3
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‎09-15-2010 01:37 AM
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