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In Symantec Data Insight (SDI) the configuration of the Network Appliance (NetApp) filer for discovery, scanning, auditing on NFS shares or shares in mixed mode of CIFS and NFS requires an authentication domain be configured under LDAP or AD.



There is no error displayed but the Select Domain option box will only have the refresh button available.




CIFS&NFS mixed mode shares

Local account Authentication

SDI 4.0 or later

Microsoft Windows Operating System



When configuring NFS SDI requires an authentication domain for configuration.



The SDI Administrator can configure SDI to run against NetApp NFS for monitoring without an actual LDAP domain, but they will have to configure one in SDI in order to enable the selection.

These steps will allow you to create a pseudo Directory Services Domain in SDI and add NFS monitoring / auditing configuration.

In the SDI console navigate  to Settings (1)


Click on directory services (2)
Click Add new directory service (3)


Select LDAP as your domain option (4)


Create a pseudo LDAP server similar to below


 Do not test the connection.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

Edit your existing NetApp filer configuration or add a new filer for which you deisre to Monitor NFS access events.

Click Settings, filers


Click name of existing filer


Then add the NFS auditing  by checking the box for monitoring during the NetApp filer configuration with the pseudo LDAP server.



When events get registered, they will look something like this


 Note: demonstration is showing nobody due to not having configured using users, rather utilizing IP allow lists.