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Community Insights

Altiris provides the examples used in this paper as well as the TVT repository in the following ZIP files:

These files contain several resources that can be downloaded and imported into customer installations of Altiris Notification Server for further testing. These include:

  • Lenovo Task Pack prebuilt sample command-line calls to Lenovo TVTs
  • Software Delivery Packages prebuilt sample packages for the installation and management of some Lenovo TVTs
  • Lenovo-specific collections that can be used to target software packages and other tasks to specific groups of Lenovo computers
  • Lenovo ThinkVantage Technologies repository that includes a directory structure for the files and executables needed to install and manage the Lenovo TVTs through the tasks and software delivery packages used above

Again, currently these resources are offered "as is" with no support from Altiris or Lenovo support teams.

Altiris Architecture

ThinkVantage Technologies Integration