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EMEA Veritas NBU Core TC Partner team Charter

This document describes the terms of participation to the Veritas EMEA NetBackup Core TC Partner program.

The Veritas EMEA NBU Core TC Partner program

The Veritas EMEA NBU Core TC Partner program is derived from a Veritas internal program with the same name.

The goal of the Core TC Partner version is to provide an exceptional level of close collaboration between Veritas and other partner TC’s having a passion for NetBackup and associated Veritas technologies, sharing thoughts, tips & tricks, best practices and general (or exclusive) NetBackup knowledge.

The Veritas EMEA NBU Core TC’s.

The EMEA Veritas Core Technology Champions (TC’s) are a collaborative group of Veritas Technical Sales Engineers focussed on the NetBackup & NBU Appliances technologies providing a valuable information channel between Product Management/Engineering and our customer and partners.

Our EMEA NBU TC Core team members are encouraged to share experience, information, knowledge and ideas about NBU and Appliances, the way we position, sell and the way customers are using them. Being part of the NBU Core team requires a high degree of trust.

NBU PM and Engineering use the Core TC team to verify plans, direction and thoughts on product strategy. The EMEA Core represents our customer facing part of Veritas, bringing in a part of the knowledge as how our EMEA customers consume our solutions.

The Partner Core TC’s.

Veritas recognises the value of its partners. We want to extend the EMEA Core TC team and Program into our EMEA Partners and exchange NetBackup & Appliances technical knowledge and related experiences amongst the EMEA Veritas NBU Technical Champions and Veritas Partner SE's.

The Partner TC Core Charter

Why is there a Charter?

The Charter describes the expectations for participation in the Partner TC Core team – from both sides. An internal Veritas TC Charter does exist and is also applicable to our Veritas TC Core members.

The TC Core Charter

The Core TC membership requires a certain degree of active participation in the group.
What is “active participation”..?

  • We don’t expect the partners to answer or react to every message in the private TC Core Group Forum on Connect.
  • We understand every member will have his own level of participation.
  • We do expect to see some regular activity, though.

Partner TC Core are invited to:

  • Share thoughts and respond to questions; be active in our dedicated and private TC Core Connect Group.
  • If applicable: deliver Learn-teach-learn to your own company colleagues after participation to a Priority Access event or to a TC Webcast – act as our ‘Veritas champion’ or realy
  • Be vocal in TC Team meetings or meetings/events/webcasts with PM - express opinions, share your honest feedback
  • Provide NBU & Appliances business feedback to leads
  • What worked, did not, what asks you may have

(*) Rotation: A Symantec internal event involving members of support, engineering, TSS and PM.

Partner TC Core – the Advantages:

  • Partner Core TC members are considered for Invitation to Competitive Rotations (*) events organized with the Veritas Competitive Intelligence team.
    • These events typically take place in Reading UK for EMEA.
  • Partner Core TC members are considered for Invitation to our yearly EMEA NetBackup Technology Champions Summit event
    • This is a yearly networking event where TC’s receive product strategy updates from PMM, PM & Engineering, and where TC’s provide feedback in reverse sense.
  • Partner Core TC members become part of a EMEA team being a Stakeholder in the NBU Roadmap
  • Closer interaction with our EMEA NBU Veritas Core Technology Champion Group and Solution Leads (NBU SE’s and Architects)
  • Access to early product announcements, roadmap information.
  • Veritas will actively engage in answering partner questions in the Core TC Partner Forum.
    • The Forum is a place of collaboration. Core members capable to answer questions are also invited to do so.
  • Partner Core TC’s will be invited to a monthly Partner Core TC webcast
    • Partner TC’s can send suggestions to the Veritas EMEA Solution Leads about the subjects they would like to see/hear about on the webcasts.
    • The EMEA Solution Leads will align the Veritas subject matter experts to deliver the webcast.
    • Q&A will be possible.

As we evolve other types of specific Core benefits will be announced and added to the Partner TC Core program.

The TC Core Forum

Any type of question related to backup in general is welcome on our private Partner TC Core Group hosted on Connect

Veritas Core members will be part of the Group, as will the EMEA solutions Leads and a number of Technical Field Enablement members (the organisation that translates Engineering information into field consumable technical documentation).

Note that the Core Group Forum can’t replace NBU Technical Support. Technical related questions are most welcome, but specific cases where customers needing help are involved are a Technical Support matter.

Core TC partner Group Membership

Core TC Partner Membership requires approval – NDA - Confidentiality

Core TC Partner Membership is granted on an individual and personal basis. Veritas reserves itself the rights to refuse access to the Partner TC Core team due to the confidential nature of the Core.
A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) must be in place before a candidate member can join the Partner TC Core Group.
Membership can also be removed at any time and without notification.

Confidential Core items discussed in the Partner TC Core Forum should also not be shared outside this forum unless permission granted by Veritas Leads.

Core TC Partner Group size.

In a first phase the Partner Core TC group will be a small size group (40/50). We aim for quality, not quantity.
Depending the success of the initiative we may grow in a second phase in the future keeping the “quality over quantity” rule in mind.
To compare: the internal Veritas EMEA NBU TC Core team has 43 members. Most of them are SE Specialists and Architects.

Periodic Membership Renewal

Core TC Partner membership is subject of renewal every year. The goal of this renewal is to make sure we keep the group active and engaged.

The review is simple and will be initiated with a request to complete a small 5 questions survey polling the Partner Core member for his satisfaction about the programme and his membership. The Partner TC can also indicate if he or she wishes to remain a member for another year.
The Core TC members who are not active in the Group will have the opportunity to leave the group.

The Veritas EMEA Solution Leads.

The EMEA Solution Leads in charge of the EMEA TC Program for NetBackup & Appliances are

Alain Pelegrin
NetBackup / Velocity Solutions Lead

Noel Winter
NetBackup Appliances Solutions Lead

Questions about the EMEA Core TC Partner program can be directed to these Leads.

Doc version 1.2 dated July 27th 2015


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