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Level 6
Guys and Girls,

I have uploaded version 0.15 to feel free to download and take a look. Hopefully below I can outline the changes and updates I have recently made.
  • Most if not all SQL queries have been updated so the data collector can be run more than once in a single day if required.
  • Thanks to Paul Bendall for providing a better SQL connection code section, which has provided a standardised way of connecting to the SQL databases, allowing for potential timeouts and handling the timeouts. There is now an allowance for timeouts in initiating the SQL database connection, and also executing the SQL query.
  • The report EnabledUsers has now been replaced with EnabledMailboxes. This new improved report can retrieve the same data, but with the added benefit of being able to work with mailbox archiving databases which are spread across multiple SQL servers/instances. In my scenario our organisation has two SQL databases sharing the load of the mailbox archiving databases. Using linkedservers within the SQL commands was just not working. - The Enabledusers asp,vbs scripts and files are still in place if you wish to use them, no intention of removing the EnabledUsers table either.
  • In conjuction with the new EnabledMailboxes report I have also included EnabledMailboxesReportEmail.vbs which will allow you to automate the creation and emailing of the reporting with the assistance of Windows Scheduler.
  • The front page of EV Dashboard now includes alert data for any disks below 25% capacity, being Exchange or EV servers. This can be tailored if you wish by changing the value on line 37 in IndexDiskAlerts.asp.
I still have lots of things to do and lots of things planned, but as ever there are other things which are crying out for my attention.

Changelog extract:

Version 0.15 - 18th January 2010

Fixes / Additions:
  • Updated SQL insert statements so data collector can run more than once on the same day in:
  • Fixed inc_Enabled_Users.asp to include apostrophe fix in linked servers section. - Thanks to Paul Bendall for noticing this.
  • Fixed database server name issue which could come up when using SQL authentication within inc_Organisation_Archiving_History.vbs - Timeout Fix
  • Removed upgrade SQL scripts. From now on any new tables will be annouced in this changelog.
  • Updated the mechanism for collecting user / mailbox / archive data.
DB table EnabledMailboxes, enabledmailboxes.asp, inc_enabled_mailboxes.vbs and inc_enabled_mailboxes_databases.vbs have all been created to replace the 'enabledusers' equivalents.
NEW TABLE: EnabledMailboxes

The SQL script to create EnabledMailboxes if you need it can be found in: \EVDashboard\sql\EVDashboard Database Creation\CreateTables.sql

This new mechanism is designed to work with mailbox archiving databases which are spread across more than one SQL server/instance. Previous attempts of using linkedserver queries did not work. Even if you only have one SQL server this new mechanism will work for you as well.
  •   Updated EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs to reflect the above changes.
  • Fixed Hourly_Archiving_Rates.asp database connection code including timeout. Thanks to Paul Bendall for this. 
  • Added the same timeout fix to as many other files as possible vbs and asp. If I have missed any please post on the forums.
  • Setup global string variables for the timeout fix; strSQLConnect & strSQLExecute in global.asp. Also included the same in EVDashboard_Data_Collector.vbs.
  • Included \EVDashboard\vbscript\EnabledMailboxesReportEmail.vbs which runs a SQL query against the new EnabledMailboxes database table, retrieves all the data form the table, then emails the result to an email address of your choice. You will need to open this script and edit in your SMTP server, email address details etc.This allows you to schedule an export of the report and email it.
  • Added IndexDiskAlerts.asp. Disks which have a percentage value less than 25% are now reported to the index.asp page.


Level 6
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Level 6
Sorry friends,

I have corrected the download hyperlink: it should have been


Level 4
I have installed EVDashboard on my Windows 2008 server running EV 8 and SQLServer 2008.   I have created the EVDashboard database and also created a specific sqlserver user for testing.  Unfortunately, when I test the db connection through EVDashboard, I get the following error:

Error: Cannot connect to server / database.

Error Number -2147467259: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot open database "EVDashboard,1433" requested by the login. The login failed.

To verify I could connect as that user, i connected to SQLServer and the EVDashboard database though the SQL Server Management Console and didn't have any problems.


Level 6
Hi Bill,

I believe logging into the SQL mgmt console and connecting remotely via port 1433 are two different things. I would check there are no firewall rules and firewall software programs blocking the port on either servers or through your network.

Other than that I would have a look on the internet for software which will check the connectivity of a certain port on a certain server. I will have a look myself and post back if I find anything.


Level 4
Hi BIll, I have the exact configuration as you (srv 2k8 + EV8 + SQL 2k8).
Just wondering if you found a solution for the error message you received?

Level 6

@ Marcossp - Err... battery management.... cross purposes?
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